2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. The Muppet King
    I present to you, Altar. A relatively small play-space that was initially a 1v1 map. It is, in fact, room-based. Featuring quick and direct routes from room to room. It may lack death-pits, but it still provides fast-paced 2v2s while still leaving room for strategy. Lines-of-sights can put two teams at a stalemate while side-routes offer much more up-close and personal engagements. The camo can really turn the tide in hot situations while the grenade launcher keeps both teams moving. I admit, the sniper isn't very important, but it's step up in an area that makes use of the interesting LoS's; of course, without being overpowered. It's all fun and games, especially when gameplay seizes to slow-down when one team is constantly trying to get around the other.