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  1. NukeOhio2024
    Hobos have broken out of jail and it's time to show them who's boss. Play with game type "Hobo Attack". This game type is best played with at least eight people.

    This version of Infection combines Alpha Zombies and Safe Havens. The two initial two hobos have infinite sprint.


    Hobos start the game out in jail and must escape. If they are unable to escape jail, survivors will eventually give them a hand.


    Survivors have the time it takes for the hobos to escape jail to scavenge four buildings for supplies; A drug store, a GTA IV inspired cabaret club, the police station, and a dance bar/strip club. Survivors can either holdout in a building, or run from haven to haven avoiding hobos.

    There are also two custom powerups that activate infinite clip. They spawn in at various times during the game.

    Supported Game Types: (*Compatible with MCC Custom Browser*)
    -Hobo Attack


    -Alpha Zombies

    -Safe Havens

    How to Download (2021)
    Time Stamp 3:40



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