All Trek'd Out (A Star Trek Map)

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. ExTerrestr1al
    This is the map that cut my teeth on scripting, and got me into the mindset that you should go big, or go home! Since then, I've learned a lot, and was able to apply all of the newest scripting methods to this map to finally finish it after 3.5 years!

    This Star Trek map is loosely themed on "The Next Generation" series in style, but does not worry about getting everything exactly cannon. However, what you will see is a very large interior of a starship that is absolutely crammed full of scripted features. Some of which, are the most sophisticated gadgets and mechanisms of ANY scripted map. The budget is very high, but performance is superb. At well over 500 scripts, I've used all of the latest tricks for efficiency, while making each scripted feature function smoothly and slickly, while avoiding major bugs. Map detail is kept to a level where size can be extended, while maintaining a decent aesthetic.

    This map is quite simply my crowning achievement as a forger/scripter in Halo 5, and I'm incredibly pleased to finally be able to share it with you!

    Gametype functionality: Red team is role-playing as the "Command" crew and their base is the Bridge. Blue team is the "engineering" crew and their base is the engine room. The scene is one where the crew is mutinying and blue tries to take over the bridge while red tries to disable the warp core. Damage done to either of those systems gives the appropriate team points every second, similarly to STRONGHOLDS.

    Features include:
    • Warp-core damage progression (scoring)
    • Bridge computer hacking progression (scoring)
    • Warp Core generates power based on current health. Zero health generates no power, and power generation feeds into a power bank (battery/reserve) for use by most of the following systems around the ship.
    • Power bank - filled by functioning warp core, feeds other systems. When power is low or empty, systems will cease to function appropriately, until power is restored.
    • Bridge/Core healing progression is possible with one player, but coordination w/ a teammate causes healing to proceed faster, utilizing two terminals.
    • Status displays on Bridge & Engine room indicate health of Power/Bridge and power level, which adjust for current situation.
    • Trek-style sliding automatic doors - probably the most slick and sophisticated doors in Halo 5 ( don't believe me? just watch). There are SIXTEEN doors in total around the ship.
    • Turbolift system - takes players to several locations around the ship, while maintaining immersion by making sure an occupied lift cannot be chosen as a destination or departure. (Uses doors)
    • Internal Sensors - whichever team presses the scanner on the bridge sends a scanning beam through the ship which picks up enemies and shows them briefly with a colored nav marker over their head, providing a temporary advantage to the opposing team.
    • Transporter system - uses special Fx sequence and has two possible desinations.
    • Elevator in engine room - Uses smooth motion tech w/ sound fx.
    • Stellar Cartography - shows galactic map.
    • Power-Ups with special dynamic lighting effects (casts light around the room, which vanishes when picked up)


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