Alien Abduction


Map Description

  1. Generai PUG
    Welcome aboard this extraterrestrial craft. Do everything you can to survive!

    GT: Generai PUG
    GT: ExtraSpicyMemes
    : Alien Abduction
    Game mode
    : Alien Abduction

    *About the ship*
    The ship has many rooms which work great for holding out against the alien horde. There are doors which separate the rooms and provide an interesting battle dynamic as they open and close slowly, this can be the difference between life and death in many cases. The rooms on the ship are as follows, Incubation room,Planetarium,Cloning room,Command center,Dissection Chamber,and Power room.

    Alien Alpha: You are armed with a sentinel beam and plasma rifle,and grenades. Of all the aliens you are the most resistant to damage. You can also use your camouflage to get stealth kills.

    Aliens: Armed with a plasma rifle and plasma pistol,and a plasma grenade, you are dangerous alone but terrifying in numbers. You however do not have as much shields as the alpha

    Humans: Fight for your life with your gunfighter magnum and saw to fend off the alien horde


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    Because its you guys; I read it as "alien abortion".
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    Alright, now we're talking. Still enjoying your creepy themes here, but this one feels fresh. Lovin the alien tanks full of organs. Looks sick. Nice work guys.
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