AFX 2017

Map Description

  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    AFX 2017

    * upgraded from "AFX 1975" - This is a casual race map built on Parallax. It is a combo aestetic-doublewide-skytrack. Use Mongoose or Warthog with any common race gametype.

    This started as an effort to build in a specific small scale on an entire map. It is approx. built to HO scale, or using the Warthog, assumed to be the same size as hot wheel, matchbox diecast, or AFX slot-cars!

    For those of you unaware, or too young to know of, 1975 or AFX slot-car racing. In '75 there was no cable tv, no internet, no cell phones, no video games, and they printed porn on paper. Strange eh?

    ** In 1975 my 'Forge' was a pool table in my basement. I had endless AFX track and would build a setup, tear it down, build another, over and over. I loved that stuff. I'd have a handful of other things going on, like building Revell model kits and spending more time on paint and decals than gluing the thing together. Ah, the good 'ol days...

    *Dependng on your gametype settings, the 'decorative' Wasp may not spawn in near the testors glue and model parts.

    ***see also - RED Felt & 3rd Table


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