2v2 Slayer

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  1. xdemption
    After much testing of fabled it came down to what I had learned and what I had accomplished. Once I realized Fabled's design didn't shape up to Edifice I immediately went back to the drawing board. When you have some of the best feedback from the most diverse group, things come to light pretty quickly. Fabled was complex in nature and created alot of random games and to much flow. I brought it down a notch to what I felt made sense.
    Finally, Aegis, named after the breastplate of Zeus for the aesthetic environment it presents. I feel this is a big step up, cleaner, user friendly, plays better and just all around fun.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Redemption! Good to see you back in the world of Halo... Sort of. lol

    Good to see this map out in the open (again). Even if it's only big enough for 2V2, I still love how this map plays and looks :)
  2. Aegis is a wonderful map. The circular design does wonders for the pace of the game and the geometry rewards players with map knowledge greatly, as all quality forge maps do. I highly recommend this to anybody looking to play a 2v2 map.



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    You did a great job with color contrast with the default block textures from Halo 4. Layout looks nice as well.

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