Act 1: The Streets


Map Description

  1. Berb
    Hi, I'm Berb.

    It's been about 9 years since I last used this forum to discuss Halo and post maps, but here we are.


    Welcome to Ablution - a new Halo Reach Linear Infection Campaign.

    Today we'll look at the first map in the campaign. Act 1: The Streets

    I've been working on this map since March and have had some really fun experiences playing on it during test sessions. Its modded inflammation custom gametype brings a new type of gameplay to Reach.

    It's Linear Infection - with Objectives

    For a full breakdown of the map, watch this video where I showcase it.

    This is only part 1 of the Ablution Campaign - maps #2 and 3 are already done are currently in testing. They're even better than The Streets so stay tuned.


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