4v4 King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. Danger Tanner
    * This map can be downloaded form my Halo MCC file share. My Xbox gamertag is: Danger Tanner


    “The word acclivity traces back to the Latin word acclivis, meaning ‘ascending,’ which is a combination of ad-, meaning ‘toward,’ and clivus, meaning ‘slope.’ If you encounter an acclivity, it’s going to be all uphill until you get to the top.“

    Hey, everyone! This is my second submission for ForgeHub’s Forge the Fight map contest!

    Acclivity is a small, symmetrical map that features a lot of verticality. Because of the verticality, players experience a wide variety of interesting combat engagements that range from close quarters brawling to long distance sharpshooting.

    This map was made for Team King of the Hill, but also supports Team Slayer.


  1. Mags

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    Had a lot of fun playing this last night!
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  2. Danger Tanner

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    Thanks for joining in! Was able to make some helpful tweaks thanks to everyone.

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