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  1. RBG Persian
    Abandoned was a concept of a spaceship that was never found after an encounter with an unkown halo ring. lost in the deep reaches of space players will find themselves fealing that there isn't enough to separate them from what hides in the shadows. Players will spawn in a room that looks like some form of a personnel docking bay, they will almost immediately encounter flood when they spawn leaving them with the choice to stay in that room until they run out of ammo or explore the tight corridors of the ship in order to find supplies.
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    Amazing Work On The Atmosphere. I'd Increase The Size of The Hallways, Make The Vents More Interconnected and brighter inside as well make sure some of your spawning hallway doors are connected to the station. But The Aesthetics and Idea are Spot On. Would Recommend For Smaller Infection Lobbies.
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    doesnt credit me for creative inspiration in any way v.v thnx persian, il remember that...
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