1. Attention ForgeHub! For those who are submitting their maps for the 1v1 Forge Contest, the 2 week grace period was replaced with a hard submission date by October 16th at 11:59 PM PST. Any submissions that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered eligible. Have any questions regarding this, please discuss here https://www.forgehub.com/threads/1v1-forge-contest-discussion.156679/ . Good luck and Forge on! -Nitro
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List of all social groups at ForgeHub.

Most Members

  1. AscendTesting
    6 members, 100 views.
  2. Squid Labs
    2 members, 131 views.
  3. Forged Friday
    2 members, 57 views.
  4. ATN
    1 members, 36 views.
  5. Groovy Grunts
    1 members, 31 views.