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Zombie Mall

Discussion in 'Reach Aesthetic Maps' started by Xpong0, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Xpong0

    Xpong0 New Member

    This is a simple mall. We didn't have enough money and stuff to make the roof legit, but it is pretty fun. I hope y'all enjoy. :)  <3

    This is the second floor.

    Put Put. XD

    One of the stores.

    The middle of the map. :) 

    An elevator.


    There are two set of stairs on each side of the mall. Weapons for the humans are in different stores. :)  Have fun. :)  Tell us if we need to fix or do anything. :)  <3
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  2. dssdevil

    dssdevil New Member

    its good :)  nice work hope u make more maps :)  i have a question , does the bungie website work for u ? cause this past week halo reach was going beserk and i acnt even go on the bungie web site :( 
  3. james 24993

    james 24993 New Member

    Pretty good, that store needs work. Try adding tables and stuff.

    SPL4TTERMAN Member

    The pictures don't show a lot of detail as to justify it as a very aesthetic map.
  5. DjShiftD

    DjShiftD New Member

    i agree... this is just a casual map... i like some elements of this map, but there is just too many pre fab pieces... good effort though :) 

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