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Yoshi's Circuit

Discussion in 'Reach Race Maps' started by ducain238, Jun 29, 2011.


    ducain238 New Member

    This is a replica of the Mario Kart Double Dash track Yoshi's Circuit!!
    It works with race and battle tracks!! And be sure to download my battle tracks gametype too!!


    First Shortcut:


    Going into the second shortcut:

    Exit from the second shortcut:

    Youtube Video:
    YouTube - ‪Halo Reach Racetrack: Yoshi's Circuit‬‏
    Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more tracks, reviews, and contests!!!

    Hope Everyone Has Fun!!!!!

    hollow123 New Member

    Wow very great and well built! Though the blocks you used for the road do overlap a lot its not really something that bad! I do indeed like this map, because its "Yoshi's Circuit", one of my favorites of the game! It does feel very small at times and slightly crampt, but I understand about budget issues! Overall a great replica, but I wouldn't recommend 16 players more likely 4 or 6 considering it size! Great job! :) 
    J HaDlEy 616

    J HaDlEy 616 New Member

    This looks incredible, love the alternative paths you built in there :)  I'm gonna download right away, i usually don't the race games but that battle track gametype look pretty interesting too. Nice work

    AnthraXe187 Guest

    Dammit! I was making a remake for this map. Oh well, your's look a lot better than mine. And I remember this more from the DS version than Double Dash, never really liked Double Dash. I also don't remember the second shortcut, no matter how hard I try, I just don't ever remember it. But, then again, I'm probably wrong. I also don't have a problem with the pieces overlapping, I kind of expected it just because of the shape of the track. All in all, great job and so much fun to play.

    ducain238 New Member

    Thanks!! and the second shortcut is there in the normal game... trust me i check every corner over and over...lol... and ill be making more mario kart maps soon!!

    elitebiker18 New Member

    I love the game you based this off of. I understand that since it is from a gomeboy game, the track is flat except for the jump, But this is reach.... You could have made it a little more exciting while keeping the same basic design. It is a good map though, and very well forged.


    MCGreen24 New Member

    Nice job. I understand this was hard to make with Halo Reach's objects but the roadway looks odd with all of the intersecting lines with the blocks used. I dont know if there is any way you could make it look better or smoother, but if you really want to make it a little more enjoyable to aesthetiic-loving people like me, I would try to change that. You could also make the track more rounded off if possible.

    Overall though its very good, nice remake.
    so PRANX

    so PRANX New Member

    It's meant to look like Yoshi - and it does!

    This map is excellent. Great remake, great gameplay - and it's in the rotation for our MarioKart maps. Well done, bro.
    Dustar 7

    Dustar 7 New Member

    Epic attention to detail. I can see a lot of work went into this. You should put your custom game type in your file set so the Bungie dwellers can have easy access to the game variant.
    so PRANX

    so PRANX New Member

    game type should just be Race

    you can edit the base variant if you prefer different settings

    reaper3bot0 New Member

    Just a heads up all that glitching from merged objects can be rectified if you simply push the left control stick down and use the lb and rb to simply layer the object slightly.

    As for the map thou I am gona download it just to see how you get ppls across the golf tee point there must be a cannon man or a shield door I cant see from the video but nice race map non the less.

    microatomix New Member

    Mario Kart gametype

    Do you have enough money left on the map to make it work with a Mario Kart-style gametype? Im not sure if any of you have tried it, but it has it so the back person can jump off and grab a "random" weapon like with the item boxes in mario kart

    REMkings Active Member

    No offence but. Read. The. Text.

    Minion New Member

    wow! I just had a game on this a couple of days ago, and it was great! Very smooth and fun to play on.

    TheRedEyedDevil Member

    haha, as many times as i've played this map I never new there was an underground short cut. Excellent work!

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