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Discussion in 'Reach Casual Maps' started by Preacher001, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Preacher001

    Preacher001 Member

    Dim the lights, turn up the sound, turn off your sensors and enjoy Xenon.

    I was hoping to get this out for Halloween just because of the ominous dark feel this micro map has but that just didn't happen. Every time I edit this map it just seems to get darker, and thx to Atlasisshruggin it got even more blue. I thought I had alot of blue in this map but he showed me how to squeeze a little more in and inspired me to further 'pimp my map'. He also built the most beautiful canon man setup that I loved and tormented over before removing it and spending the night crying in my pillow. It was just too good and had to be removed so that we could play on the rest of the map.

    I wish I had a background story on this tight little map but I just couldn't come up with one. Xenon was built with the same concept that I had when I built There's no F in Way. I wanted to build a tiny play space that could offer fast paced heart pounding gameplay. This time around I wanted to introduce some height variations and more open space. As much as I've enjoyed my games on There's no F in Way I was always disappointed that I couldn't introduce a broader range of weapons. (It would have been nightmarish) This is where Xenon comes in. Still extremely small but now offers the space to vary up the weapons a bit.

    The weapons are chosen to be as effective as they are colorful. Weapons and ammo have been significantly reduced to keep you on the move. Initial and regular spawn times have been adjusted for balancing purposes.

    If you're playing 2-3 players with sensors on expect an extremely fast paced blood bath. If you opt for some 1v1 with the sensors off then look forward to some heart pounding spine tingling slower paced action. With the whispers of Canon man-s, you'll creep around every corner and every ledge in search of your illusive opponent.

    Though not pitch black Xenon easily allows the stealthy assassin to hide in it's crevices. I myself however go in guns blazing. That's just how I roll :) 


    That's almost half the map right there :) 


    Symmetrical drop downs located at both sides.


    You might think you're dieing to get this weapon. You may be right.


    TThe central upper deck isn't without protection.


    Call it a power conduit or whatever you want, but I still think it's kinda pretty.

    That there Martha is some quality mood lighting.
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  2. ZombieGuitarist Alex

    ZombieGuitarist Alex New Member

    This map has beautiful aesthetics, man. The transition from solid, edgy surfaces to sleek surfaces is astounding! downloading now!
    Oh, and it probably plays well. :D 
  3. 4shot

    4shot New Member

    Yes, because looks matter, right?

    Let's see...you're using blue ramps, an extremely bumpy object. The first sign telling me you only made this map for looks. And now I'm seeing explosives randomly placed around the map, serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever. This tells me that you are an amateur forger and you have not put much thought into your map. And the last problem I noticed is that you are using Purple FX. This makes the map difficult to see in and lessens the playability, unless your map is named Lux, of course.

    I see little to no potential in the map, but if you really want to continue working on this, which probably won't end well, then I suggest first remaking it with pieces that both look cleaner and cause less frame-rate problems. I would suggest using regular ramps, and not Stunt ramps, as well as combining the use of Brace Larges and 2x4 Blocks as floors. For walls, it'd be best to use 4x4 Blocks, but there are a few other objects that can work well too. Sure, you might say that doing this will just make it look like every other map out there, but that's how you want to start off, and it's much better than having your map look even worse than your everyday competitive map. What matters in the end is layout and geometry. Both of these factors are very important to gameplay, as well as spawns. Spawns are a more advanced aspect of Forge and I would suggest studying tutorials throughout the site or just getting someone to help you out with the spawns instead. Now I have not played the map, but this is based off of just a few things I see in the screenshots. Once you take my suggestions and fix up your map, especially my object suggestions, then I will definitely consider playing it. Just send me a PM once you start your work and I can give you better feedback from there. The feedback I have given you is really nothing more than common sense in the forging community and something you should always apply to your maps. I highly doubt someone who has created such a, and I mean no offense when I say this, mediocre map will take my advice, but it's worth a shot.

    And please don't TL;DR me. That post didn't take me so long, but that would be a real **** move.
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  4. PractiseCactus

    PractiseCactus New Member

    4shot, looks do matter, and I know I'm relatively new here, but I think you may have overlooked a few things.
    Firstly, and I may be wrong here, but I thought the explosives in that shot were under the ground and were purely there for aesthetics (which if they are, kudos, it looks great).
    Secondly, he said he wanted an eerie atmosphere; Purple delivers, and it really works well with the theme of the map IMO. And I'm sure he would have playtested this map, so he'd know if it reduces gameplay...cause I can't think of ANYONE who would upload an untested map.
    Lastly, looks do matter. I don't like to play on a bland looking map. It's just boring, plus, it's more difficult to orientate yourself. Maps with unusual features, such as this one, make it easier for the player to find their bearings.
    But I would like to see how Preacher responds to your comments, because they are a legitimate concern. And as someone that is new to forging, those tips are really useful; I've read every article under the forge compendium thread, and you still were able to provide some useful pointers, so thanks!

    WARHOLIC Staff Staff Member

    Has anyone played infection on this? It could be pretty sweet
  6. Preacher001

    Preacher001 Member

    Hmmm, so many questions are raised by 4shot.

    Are there purposeless explosives randomly set around the map?
    Are there frame rate problems?
    Am I using Purple FX?
    Is the map too dark?
    Does this map look like crap?
    Is this just some sad attempt at my first map?
    Is my spawning atrocious?
    Is there any point in making a map like this?
    Have I playtested the map?
    Am I just completely useless?
    Do looks matter?
    Did I not put much thought in the map?

    And the number one question:
    Should you post a large negative paragraph about a map that you haven't tested let alone downloaded?

    Click the download button at the top of this page for the answers to these questions and more.

    As a bonus question: Do you think 4Shot knows what a **** move is?
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  7. Javidson Ist

    Javidson Ist New Member

    I will reserve judgement untill I've played it, perhaps others should too...

    SPL4TTERMAN Member

    The Explosives are a bit random, I'm guessing for creating a cool, cinimatic explosion mid game. I could see a game of Infection going on here, where the well lit zombies search for humans. I really see few problems with this TRON-esque map, and it looks like it could be cool for some casual games.
  9. WhackyGordon

    WhackyGordon Member

    Looks sweet. Have you noticed any frame rate issues?
  10. Southern

    Southern New Member

    4shot be trollin'.
    I like the map, and the stunt ramps provided the perfect edge to the blue feeling you were going for. 4shot's suggestion, regular ramps, was kind of a **** shot.
  11. Silentraine

    Silentraine Member

    I dont think 4shot meant any ill will, it's just as far as competitive maps most of us have came to terms with what works for gameplay, framerate issues, and for newer forgers those tips would be the best. The map itself looks nice perhaps more aesthetic or casual than competitive, and instead of regular ramps I believe I would of used ramp xl's as they generally arent bad on framerate and still provide a large amount of color more than even the ramp stunts. The map appears to be built in the colliseum given its very dark tone with the purple fx, so perhap's a cleaner forge pallete wouldnt really affect the maps blue tone and appearance.

    I myself am going to download and check it out and see what I think, I admire that you went with the theme you wanted and kept most of the aesthetic's I saw in your preview of the map. While I admit the map could be forged cleaner this doesnt neccessarily mean its a bad map, as I know anytime you forge you try to bring something new and pleasing to the eyes into your projects I happen to like the look the explosives bring to it as well. Have you tried this on infection as everyone seems to be interested in playing it more than any other gametype?
  12. thefightdude

    thefightdude New Member

    Is it me or does this look like a TRON map you would find on the most downloaded on bungie's most downloaded list which changes very often it seems. I agree with the majority of the replies, it looks cool in style but not sure about the gameplay. I think it would be fun if you get a fun group together. Good work.
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  13. SasoChicken

    SasoChicken New Member

    Looks good from first glance, reminds me a small bit of Data Hive on ODST (just a little), although unfortunately I might not be able to play soon due to an excessive need to continue my 9th Mass Effect playthrough.

    REMINDER: not everyone builds slayer maps for MLG tryhards, and would rather just make a cool looking map that has some fun quirks; like accidentally walking over that plasma battery trap of floor and having half the players die all at once :) 
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  14. 4shot

    4shot New Member

    Which is why it belongs in the casual section. When looking through the competitive section, you expect to find maps that are...competitive. Have some common sense, kids.
  15. Nick Taber

    Nick Taber Member

    This map looks nice but I have to go with 4shot here, definitely needs to be redirected t the casual play. Try to use smoother surfaces and maintain a little smoother flow through the map, alternate routes are always a plus. Good looking map though bro.(Also ANY FX are shitty in my opinion)
  16. Frost Bite323

    Frost Bite323 New Member

    Gosh, every new map from you just makes me happier and happier to know I stalk... erm... follow, you. And this map? Gorgeous! Anyone who plays this instantly knows you are going for the blue feeling. Great job.
  17. SasoChicken

    SasoChicken New Member

    But casual is more for stuff that have custom gametypes or are just meant for fun-based gametypes. This CAN be used for quote "competitive" games like slayer and whatnot, just not for moronic tryhard who care only about their K/D and need to go back to Call of Duty
  18. Preacher001

    Preacher001 Member

    @WhackyGordon I haven't noticed any framerate issues in the numbers I've recommended. Outside of that I'd say 4 players and up would have to be 2 to a machine to guarantee that.

    @Silentraine, WARHOLIC - I haven't actually played infection before so I wouldn't know a good infection map if my life depended on it. I would however venture to guess that most alternative map types would be a bust on a map this small. Feel free to give it a try and let me know.

    @thefightdude Bah - Tron . . . pfft - Tron . . . I remember Tron when Tron wasn't so blue ;) 

    @Frost Bite323 That's not at all creepy. Umm, keep it up?

    @Nick Taber I feel what your saying about FX but I'm reminded that some of my least favorite vegetables always end up a key ingredient to my favorite foods.

    @4shot Assumptions are not fact.

    @Everyone who appreciates this map - Thankyou
    Play, enjoy, and invite a friend to die.
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  19. BlondishFiber

    BlondishFiber Member

    wow dude this is awesome!
    But i think the SpecialE is makeing your map just stupid and hard.. cuz the SP is just awh i hate when people uses SE!!
    Well it makes your map cooler sometimes but i think im not the onlyone hateing Special effects!!
    Keep on foreing!
  20. Preacher001

    Preacher001 Member

    @BlondishFiber It's more dark from sitting in a shadow with dark pieces then because of FX. The FX mostly gives it, it's glowy nature and darkens dark objects. That's why it appears more dark than it's Map Preview. (Also why everyone mistakes it for Purple FX) The entire map was moved 1.6 Bungie bits (don't know what to call them:)  further into the shadow. There is still enough glowy goodness to see throughout the map without much difficulty. Although if you play split screen it shuts the lighting off which makes it appear notably darker. Doesn't seem to bother me since the corner of my splitscreen is still 50"s :) 

    These images are slightly contrast adjusted for representation purposes since the screen captures display the black floors as grey and the rooms overly lit. Feel free to check the recent screenshots under my bungie profile to get the difference. (those images will only be available until I start taking new ones) This is why only a proper download can adequately judge.

    In truth Blacks are blacker, lights are slightly lighter and overall blues tones are less blue, but blue details appears more blue. It's like trying to match a pretty countryside photo with the actual countryside.

    PS. What's wrong with hard.
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