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Will Forgehub DIE after the release of ODST?

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by cluckinho10, Sep 3, 2009.


Forge Hub Post-ODST:

  1. Life

    90 vote(s)
  2. Death

    8 vote(s)
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  1. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Or do you think that the new maps will bring a new 'wave' of custom made maps?
  2. Shock Theta

    Shock Theta Active Member

    Added Poll.
  3. XVI the Great

    XVI the Great New Member

    I don't understand why it would die. We'd just have a different campaign. Sure, the traffic of maps in ForgeHub will decrease as everyone sinks their teeth into new content, but would would cause them to forsake mapmaking?It's not like forge is excluded in ODST (or is it? lul).
  4. Shock Theta

    Shock Theta Active Member

    No, in fact it adds 3 new maps to Halo 3, all of which will support forge.
  5. Flair iz NasTy

    Flair iz NasTy New Member

    I'm just wondering what the custom games and forge experiance will be like in ODST.. Different controls? graphics? gameplay? Hopefully it'll be just like Halo 3's custom games experiance, if anything improved.
  6. Dreaddraco2

    Dreaddraco2 Active Member

    ODST just adds maps to Forge on Halo 3, nothing else. There's firefight, campaign and Reach beta which have a new experience, but the 3 maps you get use the same forge.
  7. Transactionzero

    Transactionzero Active Member

    I don't think that ODST will kill Halo3 because I believe the reason ODST does not include MP is the fact that Bungie wants Halo3 to stretch all the way out to Reach. Which is purely me guessing. If ODST had MP then I would say ding dong Halo3 is dead.
  8. Insane54

    Insane54 New Member

    Uh...ODST is essentially just a campaign add-on, with a Horde mode and a beta to Reach. That's it. No changes whatsoever (other than 3 new maps which will just help FH) to the multiplayer or Forge, controls, or any of that. Though the single player is very different, it shouldn't matter for any decent amount of time when people begin going back to the normal multiplayer. Besides the fact Longshore looks perfect for Forge.
  9. Transhuman Plus

    Transhuman Plus Active Member

    Pretty much. Anyway; if the Reach beta has a forge mode, we'll only get more people coming to the site.

    I know right? I'm hoping that we'll be able to incorporate the seaside into maps somehow, a partially submerged map would be sweet.
  10. oh knarly

    oh knarly Member

    If anything, it will prolong the life of halo 3 and especially forge as the three new maps create more oppurtunity for forging. I bet you that we will see a huge influx of Longshore infection maps starting 1-2 weeks after ODST is released.

    The only negative impact I see ODST having on halo and forging in particular is a temporary dip in activity due to everyone playing the campaign and firefight.
  11. Twilight GN0ME

    Twilight GN0ME Member

    Do you know what would be amazing; if bungie allowed you to place firefight AI spawns on forged maps; that would change everything (e.g. Real infection with hundreds of flood coming towards a base or 50 zealots armed with swords attacking in waves).
  12. Insane54

    Insane54 New Member

    From what I've heard, Firefight is dynamic. So the spawns depend on where you are or what you're doing (for example, if you're holed up high, a Wraith will spawn and drive you out). That could be a rumor, though.
  13. Something.

    Something. New Member

    I think You'll find a sharp drop in map posts come Sept. 22, then it will gradually pick up until it's slightly more than pre-ODST.
  14. Loscocco

    Loscocco Active Member

    Well the fact that ODST doesnt have multiplayer (not including Firefight) will probably result in less playing. People will probably play ODST for a few months and play the Reach beta for the next few, and everyone will be back to playing Halo 3 again.
    Also- trust me on this, a ton of people (about 85% of ODST players) will get bored of Firefight eventually. Much like the same thing that happened with GOW2 Horde. About 1 or 2 months after release and almost everyone that played Firefight will get bored of it. You probably disagree with me now, but most people will see it as either too annoyingly hard or too repetitive.

    So will the site die? no, but it will probably have less active members because not as many maps will be shown.

    Even if everyone on this site never touches Halo 3 until Reach comes out, Halo:Reach will probably have Forge and we would be back in business then...
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2009
  15. KILLn Machine12

    KILLn Machine12 Member

    u guys r forgetting bout longshore, citadel and heretic.it comes out with odst.

    in longshore u have the crates, the duble box, and stuff.
    the two other maps will have good forging items ( hopefully ) and ull see wat people will do with them..
    watch after odst people will make the 3 new maps even better to play.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2009
  16. makisupa007

    makisupa007 Member


    Sandbox hasn't even come close to being played out yet. I'm still seeing unique maps every week. Even if the new Mythics suck for forging, Forge Hub has enough steam going to make it till next year and the release of Reach. I am imagining that Reach's forging system will be so amazing that FH will experience a resurgence next year that will surpass it's current following.
  17. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Why would Forgehub die?

    Releasing another Halo that still includes Forge mode and 3 new maps seems like it'd prolong the lifespan of FH.
  18. M.Jelleh

    M.Jelleh New Member

    Umm no. OT will still be quite alive.
  19. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    70% of the 'cool people' here don't even Forge.
  20. M.Jelleh

    M.Jelleh New Member

    U mean like me?

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