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    Did you play Argon Flux yet? No? Well what are you doing Man. (or woman. not that there's anything wrong with that) Hop on it.

    On to my second post and second Bungie hack job. This time we chop apart Breakpoint. Before you lies Widows Pass. Like it, love it, then die on it.
    Here is the premis. You are trapped on a Mountain pass. The bridge is down, the tunnel is closed off, and the small tunnels are yet to be completed. Let the mayhem ensue.

    I was so upset when I bought my new map pack only to find that they massive mapped me again. This is really where I decided to start editing the maps. I was pissed. The only map I could play with a small group of 4 was on Anchor 9 and even that was at it's limit. I loved Breakpoint and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to play on it. This was my first Bungie edit.

    As usual almost all weapons are in play, except for assorted handguns. There is a hammer on the map but it's almost an easter egg on this one. My friends and I used this map to start to get to know some of the powerups better.

    Bridge out baby. You ain't goin no where.

    In smaller groups the guass can be quite effective.

    Concrete is added back to the slayer map and a couple boulders added for cover.

    Pray that you don't find someone with this lethal combo.

    By air or by land? You decide.

    We likes the rocket we do. Give us our precious.

    Sniper and the jetpack!? But they were at opposite sides of the map. That bastard!

    Well there you have it. If you're aching to play the big map but you only have a smaller group, then hop in and have some fun.
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