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Why do I have to buy both discs?

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Dow, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Dow

    Dow Member

    Alright so almost everyone agrees that Halo 3: ODST is a glorified expansion pack for halo 3, but the problem is that I already HAVE Halo 3. I don't want to pay 60 bucks when I all I really want out of it is Firefight and the campaign. How come Bungie doesn't make a version that contains just those 2 things?
  2. Viet Honor

    Viet Honor New Member

    Just sell the other disc, I mean its got herioc, legendary, and mythic, what is that like $45 gained back?
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2009
  3. Dow

    Dow Member

    I don't know if you know anything about depreciated value of pre-owned items, but you can't sell something that you bought for what it is really worth.
  4. X5

    X5 New Member

    I want a lot of things in life, such as unprotected sex without the STDs and/or babies; and a lot of people would agree, but that won't change the fact that this is how things are. In the end, Bungie and Microsoft know that this way they can make more money, and won't suffer from the words of the smart. Yes, we all would wish we could only spend $x instead of $60, but how many of us are not going to get the game anyway? Ver few, so the money lost is not as much as the money gained by overpricing.

    Rambling rant aside, your complaining isn't going to change anything, so buy it or don't buy it, but the price has been determined. Maybe there is a chance that they will release a cheaper version down the road, but that is a big maybe.
  5. Fastforward

    Fastforward New Member

    The way I see it, it's Halo 3: ODST that just happens to also include all of the Halo 3 multiplayer maps. It's like getting Crackdown. You get the game but it just happens to also have the Halo 3 Beta (or vise versa depending on your view). It also doesn't seem that this is truly an "expansion pack." It's its own game in and of itself. The only reason you can get away with saying it's an "expansion pack" is that it has Halo 3 taged onto the title and uses mostly the same engine/assets.

    As X5 said, quit your complaining, its not going to change anything.
  6. Dow

    Dow Member

    They are using the exact same graphics, exact same weapons (except for the ODST part), and a lot of the exact same objects. See the "crates" in some of the pictures.
  7. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    I dont really find it to be all that much of a difference. Most of you arent paying for it anyways, your parents are. Thats what astounds me... Anyways, this is how you make money children, you exploit things to squeeze every dime you can, while you can.

    Microsoft isnt stupid. Even without the second disc, do you REALLY think Microsoft would bring down that price? REALLY?
  8. Dow

    Dow Member

    I guess the actual question was in more sarcastic terms. Of course they did it to make the extra 20 or so $, but that doesn't make it right.

    Also, my parents have 0$ income and I buy everything myself, so please do not make that assumption.
  9. Nemihara

    Nemihara New Member

    Dow, do you do anything but complain? You have the weirdest threads in your stats, and pretty much all of them are complaints or 'suggestions' that are thinly veiled complaints. Really, I'm curious here.

    Oh, and that White Pride month thingy. That was funny.
  10. Fastforward

    Fastforward New Member

    I know. Hence, "The only reason you can get away with saying it's an "expansion pack" is that it has Halo 3 taged onto the title and uses mostly the same engine/assets."

    Meaning, it looks the same and uses the same objects. Different words meaning the same thing.
  11. Tartan Spartan

    Tartan Spartan New Member

    Right ok.............the Halo 3 disc comes with all of the multiplayer maps including 3 new maps. Also, you can install this disc to your hard drive without any of the previous fuss.

    And then you have the ODST disc, with campaign and Firefight. Considering there is a shitload of maps for Firefight with obvious chances to upgrade this with further DLC and the campaign is a decent bit long with 4 player co-op. This disc constitutes for about 2/3 of the price.

    This is a really good deal, stop bitchin. Halo 3 is goin for about £17 over here so that is roughly 1/3 of the overall price. And there is the chance to get recon for the extra maps (You need all Vidmasters) so this entices a good portion of Halo 3 players. Dont ***** about not wanting half of ODST. Recession is caused by folks like you.

    Just kidden, it was caused by the banks. But its a marketing opportunity. Say ODST without the multiplayer ships. Thats like 35 quid. Sell 100,000 copies. £3,500,000. So why do that if you could make £5,000,000?

    And we should be bitchin over here. At $60 for you, and £50 for us, if you exchange it properly, its more expensive for us.
  12. DimmestBread

    DimmestBread New Member

    Sort of. Bungie stated (not sure where, I think in an update and I'll find it) that yes the game uses the halo 3 engine. Of course it has been slightly modified for the good so it isn't the exact same but they also said ODST looks much prettier. Thus it is not really the same graphics.
  13. MultiLockOn

    MultiLockOn Member

    Regardless if you do or don't want to buy another Halo 3, keep in mind, you're missing out on three maps if you don't ;) 
  14. Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member

    ODST graphics use much more of the Havok engine from what I see than Halo 3/Halo 2 did. Dead Space runs also runs on the Havok engine.
  15. War Man

    War Man New Member

    Don't forget the Mythic and Legendary maps incase a person doesn't have them.
  16. squidhands

    squidhands New Member

    As am I. ODST has clearly gone beyond the "expansion pack" moniker that was given to it when the game was first announced. But please, feel free to list off all the games who have created another campaign (not some shitty "deleted scene"), another way to play the game with your friends (Firefight), in addition to three more multiplayer maps.

    No you can't. Installing the MP disc will give you the same problems that the Halo3 disc gives you when installing it. Don't do it. The ODST disc can be installed to your HD, though.
  17. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Wow Bungie already said ODST is an expansion which is why Halo 3 is in the name.

    If your complaining about the price blame Microsoft they priced it.
  18. DimmestBread

    DimmestBread New Member

    actually they have said it used to be an expansion but now has enough in it to be its own game.
  19. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    okay my bad, Ive been absent from the internet the entire month of july and then some.
  20. buddhacrane

    buddhacrane New Member

    I think that's the main problem here, people are having problems letting go of the "Expansion" moniker. They seem to think that once an expansion, always an expansion.

    Bungie and Microsoft have both stated that, while the original conception was to be a simple expansion (and priced as one), it has now become much more; the campaign was made larger, firefight was included, and the whole Halo 3 Multiplayer experience was added. The expansion has been expanded to the point where it is now a full game, and so is priced as a full game.

    It is NOT an expansion anymore!!! This is Microsoft's logic, whether you agree with it or not, the facts are clear.

    Tartan Spartan also made a good point; we Brits have to pay more anyway, we should be the ones complaining! :D 

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