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Vidmaster Deja Vu

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by J Red, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. J Red

    J Red New Member

    Add J redsox7 if you still want to get it.
  2. Camel Carcass

    Camel Carcass New Member

    I haven't much room, but I'll get it with you..
  3. StarElite616

    StarElite616 New Member

    Also trying to get it - add me plz
  4. 07WRX

    07WRX New Member

    I sent a FR on xbox.com
  5. Atik

    Atik New Member

    This achievement is so easy. Just grab three random people with ODST. 2 of my three helpers sucked and we still got it.
  6. 07WRX

    07WRX New Member

    well you have to also grab people who aren't d-bags. We tried last night and some kid kept betraying us becasue he thought it was funny and made one of the guys quit after we where half done. Needless to say not fun, and no achievement. :( 
  7. Kilr0n

    Kilr0n New Member

    if you guys need any of the vidmasters add me. Send a message first or i probably wont know who you are.

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