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    This is my second map using Reach's Forge editor. This is a small/medium symmetrical map called Ventilation and it's designed for 4v4 competitive TS/Flag play.

    The name for this map came from the vents that can be taken to sneak into each teams base. There's basically 2 vents in each base that can be taken by jetpackers for alternate routs. The video and pictures below will show the map better than i could ever describe.

    Thanks for looking!! If you decide to download Ventilation and get a chance to play, PLEASE let me know of any issues that you might notice during gameplay.

    YouTube - Ventilation

    6 x DMRs
    1 x Needler
    2 x Needle Rifles
    2 x Plasma Pistols
    2 x Plasma Repeaters
    1 x Sniper Rifles
    1 x Rocket Launcher
    1 x Grenade Launcher
    2 x Shotgun


    8 x Plasma Grenades
    6 x Frag Grenades

    This is an overview shot showing the entrance to red base. The entrance is at the top left where the water goes under the rock arch. Blue base is identical and can only slightly be seen at the bottom right of the picture. To the left is a hall that connects each base, but it can't be seen in the picture. Also, the round roof with the purple light shining through has a man cannon that shoots you up to the top of center tower.
    This shot shows the center building and what i call the battle hall. The battle hall is where you see the yellow light, and that connects each base with both a bottom/top entrance. The bottom entrance is a rocky area filled with water. One of the 3 entrances can be seen at the center/right of the picture.
    This shot shows the battle hall that was cut out of picture 1. Another entrance to the underground waterway can be seen at the left/bottom of the picture.
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    Oh, so you finally named it? :) I do think I like the first name better. lol

    We had an excellent game on this a few days ago. Great fun overall and it was easy to tell where you were at any given time. I really like the style in the construction of your maps. They're distinct and look great.

    The only problem I had in the match was the piss-poor connection (but that was the whole night) The map played fine, I just wish it would've lagged less so I could enjoy it more.
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    Okay, first off the map is utterly amazing, I loved everything about it. I especially like the way you integrated the building in the middle into the map. It feels as if though it was made for the map (or the map made for the building), but there was one error in the map. The wall coliseum used for the floor leading from the rocket spawn to the building in the middle is not even with the other walls. Other than that everything is perfect. When I get a chance to actually play on the map I will tell you more feedback
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    I really dig this map, I've loved watching it from one version to the next.

    Really, and I mean really I have a lot of fun on the map. I'm a big fan of 4 V 4 on this, the spawns work really well. The weapon layout is a compliment to the spawn and layout of the map itself. Really good job on that.

    As you know, well I don't have to say this since you know. But I'll say it anyways; it Really bugs me that the map isn't straight or centered. I know your forging style, and that the map was too far along to fix easily. So its not really that big of a deal, but it irks me and you know that.

    As I said multiple times, in this reply and over Live.. This is a real quality map. Great job!

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    Thanks Negrumir... For some reason i don't think all W's would have been a very popular name lol.
    Thanks !! Hopefully you can play some games on Ventilation and come back with your thoughts. I haven't really gotten too much input yet, so it would be cool to hear how it played.

    Thank Govener!! I centered the map a lot more since you seen it last(at least i don't think you've seen the updated version). The last thing i did before i published it was move the whole back of the map to the right. It's ALMOST perfect... It's like an inch off center instead of a foot lol. For some reason i don't thing anyone else besides you would have noticed anyway lol.

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