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Using KOTH to Limit Map Size

Discussion in 'Forge Discussion' started by TrueDarkFusion, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. TrueDarkFusion

    TrueDarkFusion New Member

    Forging 101: Using King of the Hill to Limit Map Size

    One of the biggest challenges that map makers have is keeping people inside your map. Just asking Bungie how frustrating it can be. Well today we have a simple solution that defers those glitchers from strolling out of your map. The answer is simple, use a hill.

    When you are building a map that is geared to be a Slayer game and it is difficult to block off your map's boundaries switch the gametype to King of the Hill in forge. At this point put the hill down in the middle of your map and change the dimensions to the adequate size of your map so that it creates boundaries. You can also max out the height of the hill in order to create the appearance of a wall. Now continue to build the map as you were.

    Once you save your map get ready to make your gametype that goes along with the hill. Now go to hill options where you will see several options for point scoring. There is an option that says points for being outside the hill; set this number to below zero so when players leave the boundaries their scores take a heavy hit. If you really want to be mean try setting the score for outside the hill to -10. Don't stop there though. You still have to make a few more adjustments. The first change is to take the score for time inside the hill down to 0, and increase the option for kills inside the hill to 1. Now the game acts as if it were an ordinary slayer game, and you have a neat way of keeping players in your map.

    Try to be creative with some of the other Hill scoring options to really make something unique.
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  2. jake2k3

    jake2k3 New Member

    Wow, great idea! I will definately be using this for slayer maps in the future.

    Now if only you could have multi-objective games...
  3. SPOC

    SPOC New Member

    Wow, why didn't i think of this. Great idea!
  4. Lance001

    Lance001 New Member

    This really is a great idea. Psychologically, at the very least. :p 

    Multiple-type gametypes would be heaven in Halo 3. I am thankful we don't have those, because then I would never leave my couch. Even to pee. Never.
  5. GoodWhaleSushi

    GoodWhaleSushi New Member

    OMG you have no idea how much I need that for my latest map!
  6. AZN FTW

    AZN FTW New Member

    Trust us.. the good forgers understand how awesome multi-gametypes would be... you could have special scoring like in slayer, mixed with a hill from KOTH, mixed with converting players from infection... Think only sticks while in the hill, but when you die you become a zombie.
  7. Killer678

    Killer678 New Member

    Not very practical..
  8. Nutduster

    Nutduster Well-Known Member

    This isn't practical for me simply because I want my forged maps to play for regular gametypes and don't want to have to just run custom KOTH variants. It would be OK for slayer but obviously not at all for most other gametypes that we like to play. It's an OK tip but I think I'll keep exhausting my budget on walls and ceilings.
  9. o Forge Freak o

    o Forge Freak o New Member

    That would be... very... odd. I don't eve know if it would be fun...
  10. AZN FTW

    AZN FTW New Member

    That wasn't a practical idea for it. I meant like limit a map with KOTH, then add CTF flags for fun. Or Infection where the team has to reach a VIP Goal Point. Or Juggernaut where you only get points for sticking the juggernaut. Little things like that could make the difference.
  11. kyyrbes

    kyyrbes New Member

    hmm wonder if this would work with stick ball im tired of ppl crosing the barrier....
  12. Dyer13

    Dyer13 New Member

    Could you also do the exact opposite, having the hill outside your map boundary, only when you are in the hill, kills count as zero, and you lose points while in the hill?
  13. AZN FTW

    AZN FTW New Member

    Yes... I was actually going to do this for a map, but decided not to...
  14. Chain Guns

    Chain Guns New Member

    So long as you're making a map/variant for slayer, this is a really good idea. I think.
  15. AZN FTW

    AZN FTW New Member

    Yes... it has to be slayer based... sadly enough.
  16. coyoteboy1023

    coyoteboy1023 New Member

    One problem with CTF on KOTH.... you can't, they are separate gametypes. We all wish that we could mix the gametypes but the thing is, we can't so we are screwed. This will only work for slayer variants.
  17. a dumb cat

    a dumb cat New Member

    There are easier solutions for fixing this in stick-ball.

    Try using window panels on their side, about 3 feet off the ground. Put a ceiling above the panels. Make sure to get the spacing just right so players can crawl/jump through to the other side.

    Combine this with floor geometry merging and could have one slick map for stick ball. I don't have time to try it myself because of other projects im currently working on.

    --dumb cat
  18. Aka Paradox

    Aka Paradox New Member

    yea but that does not count as a reasonable way to keep people out.
  19. Littlesibber

    Littlesibber New Member

    i still dont get it. could somebody please help me try it?
  20. tubaguhbluba

    tubaguhbluba New Member

    wow, thats a great idea. good thinking. this will definitely help on some of my maps

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