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Unlimited Budget Glitch

Discussion in 'Forge Discussion' started by Dragoncoals, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Dragoncoals New Member

    Forging 101: Unlimited Budget Glitch

    First thing you'll have to do is start up a blank canvas map of whichever map you choose to perform this glitch on. Once you've chosen a map with literally NOTHING on it, start going down the list and spawning only one of every object (yes, every weapon, equipment, scenery object, ect.), besides goal objects and spawns, of course. While you are spawning the items, now remember, this is the most important part, press the X button twice while holding the object to bring up the item properties menu. Change the Run-time Maximum to the highest number. Do this for every object spawned until you run out of regular budget. Once this happens, Save your map, quit, then restart the game. Do this until you have one of every object you need for your map spawned, and their run-time maximum is set to the highest.

    Also note that it is not encouraged at all to delete an object, as it will never be able to be spawned again in the map. Ever. for now, just move the object to an un-needed part of the map, so it can be used later.

    There is a great map available for download below, it is a pre-glitched Foundry, which you still should not delete any objects, but it just saves you the work of spawning things. When using this map you should move all the objects to an un-needed space of the map, and cover it up, to make your map look more professional.

    Pre-Glitched Foundry Map
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    kayaman132 New Member

    very nice forging 101 and much easier to understand then the original post
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    kewangji New Member

    thanks for the tip! do we just go back to the forge lobby and restart it or do we have to shut down the console and finish it?

    adam111316 New Member

    Time to pile up lots of vehicles and shoot a rocket :D 

    xXmooregamesXx New Member

    Nice! I've never really had any budget problems, but then again, I only really make crazy screw around maps. This is a great technique for asthetic maps, especially for making them playable...

    :squirrel_smile: (I know it doesn't exist... I wish, though)

    BTW, can i has working link?

    Mikey Guest

    I sure hope this glitch isnt fixed in the auto update... =/

    itsNOTa2mur New Member

    Has anyone noticed any negative reactions to this? Any gameplay problems?
    DooM JellYfish

    DooM JellYfish New Member

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to do this.

    Great job finding this glitch.

    And I don't think that it will be updated with Bungie's next AU.

    They would be ruining the ability to produce outstanding maps if they made it so NOTHING could float.

    voodoo New Member

    You just have to go back to the pregame lobby, no need to shutdown the console.

    Kingbeano New Member

    OMG!!!! YUHS!!!! best day ever..

    thelastlaugh27 New Member

    Does this only work on foundry?

    pinecone2654 New Member

    do you mean hatthe object would never spawn on foundry again? or just on pre-glitched foundry? I press y on accident all the time.

    Klink258 New Member

    I still don't fully understand this.... so the idea is that because everything's run-time maximum is full, the game's budget is pushed over, and because it is now negative it can just keep going?
    I'd like to forge with someone tonight or tomorrow night or something so that they can explain this and help me with this.

    voodoo New Member

    When the map loads, the forge budget does no take into account the runtime maximum for each object, just what is placed on the map. So by constantly restarting the map and changing the runtime maximum, you can place each object on the map with the runtime maximum set at the highest (because when the map loads there will be enough money). Once an object is placed or deleted the budget will automatically change to what it actually is. When you are done with all of that you will be able to place any object even though the budget says 0 BECAUSE the runtime maximum is set to its highest.

    The reason that is so is because when the runtime maximum is set it take all of that money out of the budget, so you are pretty much pre-paying for those objects.

    Hsunami88 New Member

    Ok, so if you accidentally try this on your own, and mess up by deleting an object, will it just not spawn on the map variant you created, or does it affect the map in general i.e. I won't be able to go back to the original foundry and forge stuff on it anymore because I deleted something in the glitch map.

    Klink258 New Member

    Thank you, so let me see here...
    it's like paying for a preorder for 24 copies of this great new "double box." When you come back to pick it up, there is a "one per customer" sign. But you can still take 24 of these items.

    So why can't you delete? It decreases the run-time maximum by 1, so you have to get all of your budget back to get it back to the max? I see....

    So if I have a map in progress, all I have to do is delete things until I have enough budget to max out everything? These pre-glitched foundries don't have EVERY item on them at the beginning?
    Gotcha. Thanks.

    voodoo New Member

    Exactly. the preglitched foundries have 1 of every object on the map but each has the runtime maixmum set to its highest so everything can be placed.

    Suicidenaut New Member

    What a moneysaver man I have so many new ideas. 2 big thumbs up.

    Dyer13 New Member

    Is there a way to undo to the unlimited budget glitch? I am working on a map that I started using the unlimited budget map and some things got deleted, now I can't spawn them. I am not in the negative yet, so technically, I am still over my "normal" budget. How can I get my normal budget back? Can I set the runtime of everything to the minimums and would that fix it?

    LDelta New Member

    once me and my friend got unlimited budget (but we didn't use that method ), we don't even know how we did it but here's the story. We were really bored so we decided to fool around in Isolation. when we get there we go to the underground part and fill it with vehicles to explode, then we add fusion coils, etc. now we only have like $12. Finally for some reason we decide to add a couple weapons, so we add a assault rifle and the budget remains the same, so we fill the map with as many assault rifles as we can (and other weapons like shotguns) and the budget still does not decrease. It was cool but my friend had to leave and I'm not sure if i saved the map

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