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    You're posting alot of maps in a short amount of time, i don't know if you've been saving them all up until now or if you've just made them very quickly. If so, slow down and take more time on your maps, spend as much time as possible on each individual piece. So it doesn't look unbalanced.

    the building on the top right looks very sloppy and as if it was rushed. The colors don't seem to match on that one particularly well, so you may want to redo that. And I suggest getting peoples opinions on the maps or posting a map preview next time before you make the final post. Other than that, the street lamps or whatever you were trying to go for with the sniper tips look to frequent on the street, you can save pieces, budget, and help the framerate if you cut down on them and make the map look more realistic, and from the look of the pictures, the street lamps appear to be on the street. Now some people that are reading my comment are going to hate on me for being to harsh, but this is criticism and showing him how to improve his map in an aesthetic way, since maps such as these have no gameplay aspect to them.
    [​IMG] And in this picture in between the glass sails beam-things there is what appears to be the tip of a flag stand. I do not know what you were going for there, but if that is supposed to be a doorknob on a door then the map is out of proportion. You should always try to keep your aesthetic maps in proportion as much as possible. Other than that this map has a great idea and start to it, good job.
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    Zatherla is rigth your putting them out way too fast, at least take the time. But i must say they are very detailed but it looks an little bit rushed.

    I liked the fun center and the other plaza better, still nice job but dont rush it :)
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    While I agree with everything said before I think your best one was the resturaunt. Why??? Because you could tell you took your time instead of like this one for example it looks very rushed and quite sloppy. I started a aesthetic map about a week ago of a city where each building is the size of your spartan. I must say its coming along real nice because I am taking my time. However much I feel like rushing it to get it released I just stop myself and pay attention to the small details such as lines and arrows on the streets and even background awesomeness so basically take your time and your maps will be received much better
    Also I've noticed you have been rather hostile towards people who comment on your stuff a forger should be open to critisizm I for one live it because the wonderful community we have here looks at our maps and points out the tiny flaws that need to be fixed and when you make a aesthetic map all the tiny details count.
    So just remember when people criticize your stuff take it as the community helping you. Then you should give back by being nice to them especially because people don't Luke to download maps off if someone that they think is a jerk. Which to be frank ( I'm sorry I'm not saying you ARE one) but you have been making yourself look like one in some of your comments

    I hope you will take this advice to heart as help from the community and open up to critisizm*
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    Now really I wouldn't have noticed any of that. I think those are just miniscule things, even for a aesthetic Map. I think it's good as it is.
  5. yes i know i will stop doing that

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