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The SS Halo

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Competitive Maps' started by DragZona, May 28, 2008.

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  1. DragZona

    DragZona New Member

    SS Halo
    A great map for many infection types, eg. "Save One bullet" and "In The Shadows"

    Download Map
    Download Gametype

    This map is basically a large ship, ready to set sail, the zombies are the assassins and are against the UNSC spending money on sending supplies out to their marines on earth.
    I got the inspiration fro this map from other variants such as "The Estate" and "Vents" and I wanted to make my own map variant for "In The Shadows"

    If you happen to become a zombie, you'll start off in the corridors, sneak your way through the debris or run full pelt towards the doors, there are ladders going up to the ship, but that isn't the only entrance.
    If you're a base player, you will begin your game inside the bowels of the ship, in the cargohold. make your way to the deck or wade out the battle hiding behind crates.
    This is by far the best map I've produced, as I spent alot of time on it, my mates were a real support too, they stayed with me as I built it, even though all they did was mess around in the background, lol.
    Thanks for your support guys!

    Long view

    Cargo Hold
    By DragZona

    1st Floor
    By DragZona

    Long view from the back

    ... and of course the Steering wheel + me :D 
    By DragZona
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  2. Bottlecap

    Bottlecap Active Member

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  3. texturedlemur

    texturedlemur New Member

    no one else after me needs to comment on the post fomat. 1 person is enough
  4. Xenomorph52

    Xenomorph52 New Member

    From what I can see in the first screenshot the map looks fantastic. But if we could get some more screenshots of the ship's interior that'd be awesome.
  5. DragZona

    DragZona New Member

    SS Halo - adding pics

    Okay, I've adding an embedded picture, of course I'll add more, but remember! This is the first thing I have ever posted on Forgehub, so be gentle. Heheh
  6. Thom Barbarossa

    Thom Barbarossa New Member

    this is a neat idea and you bult it neatly 4/5
  7. InferiorPigeon

    InferiorPigeon New Member

    nice job on that ship
    looks nice

    COMMANDERMATT1 Active Member

    i really like the ship it looks like you spent alot of time on it. ill have to check it out later. the inside loooks great. and nice job on the interlocking it looks really nice.
  9. CaMOfo

    CaMOfo Active Member

    Awesome, deffinetly resembles a ship. At least it's a different type of ship and not the pirate ships we've seen a thousand times on here. Good Job and I looking forward to seeing more from you.
  10. woodaba

    woodaba New Member

    Nice job creating something Original. I love infection, and cant wait to test this out. Qued
  11. DragZona

    DragZona New Member

    Thanks for the great comments guys, I really appreciate it ;) 
  12. Private_Vivi

    Private_Vivi New Member

    Cleanly built and fun to play on, nice!
  13. myonlydetriment

    myonlydetriment New Member

    When I read "SS" I thought spaceship. Nice to see a REAL ship, it's like this and the pirate ship are the only real ships that I know of. Reminds me of a common cargo ship, cool. Is it playtested?
  14. Wally12

    Wally12 New Member

    It looks like a tugboat. I like it. Mai tugbote goze t00t t00t!
  15. barefootabe

    barefootabe New Member

    wow this is awesome. diffently the best ship map ive seen.
    it looks almost noah's ark-ish lol

    (it'd be cool if somebody made a ship like this on avalanche it would be like shackleton or something)
  16. Beyond Skill198

    Beyond Skill198 New Member

    this map has a really nice look to it, by far the best "ship" map I've seen. The steering wheel is a really nice touch.
  17. DragZona

    DragZona New Member

    Thanks guys, the only problem I have is the warthog, is there any way to make it un-usuable? rendering useless for people to drive?


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