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The New SMG

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Mace, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Mace

    Mace Old Tyme

    Silenced, looks more powerful and long ranged.



    The M7 submachine gun is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 5mm x 23 caseless ammunition. Recoil from all but sustained fire is very controllable. Although the M7 submachine-gun is primarily issued to vehicle crews, it is also a favorite of commando teams in its sound suppressed version – the M7S.

    Sustained automatic fire tends to cause the muzzle to “walk” upwards as recoil compounds. Submachine guns, while not accurate over long distances, are particularly effective in close quarters.


    Official Designation: M7/Caseless Submachine Gun

    Common Slang Terms: bullet hose, black box, chum, popcorn

    Cartridge: 5mm x 23 caseless
    Max. effective range: 50m
    Mag. capacity: 60
    Rate of fire: 900 rnds/min
    Unit Cost: 1484 cR.

    • Length, stock extended: 627mm (24.68 in.)
    • Length, stock retracted: 474mm (18.66 in.)
    • Weight (loaded): 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs)

    • M7: standard issue
    • M7S: issued with sound suppressor [SS/M 49] and smart-linked scope [SLS/V 5B]

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    In terms of function, I didnt notice a single difference. Any difference seemed purely aesthetic (the silencer, the suppressed sound, etc.)

    I like it a lot, but the Pistol is the real star of this game

    EDIT: Forgot about the scope. Which is cool, albeit not completely necessary for the weapon, but cool nonetheless
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2009
  3. Shanon

    Shanon Loves His Sex Fruits

    I noticed that the recoil was stronger in ODST than in H3, esecially when in scope.
  4. Nemihara

    Nemihara New Member

    That would make sense. You aren't a Spartan; you can't hold the gun down as easily. Therefore, I'd assume that the gun kickback would be stronger.
  5. Shanon

    Shanon Loves His Sex Fruits

    Yes, but for some reason they can run faster with a turret than a Sparten can.

  6. rusty eagle

    rusty eagle New Member

    Spartans kick butt with style, let the enemy think they've got a chance.
  7. Dreaddraco2

    Dreaddraco2 Active Member

    It's likely either the BR and AR will be removed or it will not be used as much, seeing as the new SMG can follow both roles.
    The new SMG also fits me, I prefer being stealthy, having control over my weapon and being able to fire at medium - long range.
  8. RedNeck

    RedNeck Active Member

    The BR will actually not show up in this game. The AR will but it won't be anything like the silenced SMG or the auto-mag. Oooo I cant wait for that auto-mag!
  9. Loscocco

    Loscocco Active Member

    It has been confirmed that the AR remains in ODST, the BR has not been seen anywhere in gameplay. I wouldnt be surprised if Bungie removed the BR, they probably think that too many people are crazy over it and have become too dependant on it.
  10. Sup3rGhandi

    Sup3rGhandi New Member

    the pistol is gonna be the new br, im more impressed by the HUD tbh, i hope i can still nade jump =/
  11. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    No shields, and you can't heal without help. I wouldn't suggest throwing grenades at yourself.
  12. Sup3rGhandi

    Sup3rGhandi New Member


    i heard you take fall damage too, the campaign will have next to no replay value for me
  13. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    Just because it's different doesn't mean it will be bad, I think personally I'll like it much better than Halo 3's campaign gameplay. If they had regular Custom Games in ODST I bet I'd like that better as well.
  14. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Teh SMG is gonna rape ass, even though i iz gonna use the mag mo fo sho
  15. War Man

    War Man New Member

    No BR=awesome. I ****ing hate that gun on multiplayer. Also, I don't think there will be an auto-magnum. Just a scoped and suppressed Magnum.
  16. Nightfire

    Nightfire New Member

    I hope you guys know that ODST doesn't really have Halo 3's kind of multiplayer. It's just Firefight and a cd to play Halo 3's multiplayer. So the BR still exists in multiplayer and probably campaign.
  17. halo kid

    halo kid New Member

    Im looking foward to this,i think this will have a campain as good as halo:CE.
  18. oDsTFtW1

    oDsTFtW1 New Member

    nope. no br. period.
  19. Nightfire

    Nightfire New Member

    You just wrote period after a period with another period behind it...
    I'm pretty sure the BR is still in multiplayer, campaign i don't care.
  20. redearth

    redearth New Member

    Once you get to wave 99 in firefight they should automatically take away everyone's weapons and give you all BR's with infin ammo. And those would be the only BR's in game. The best weapon of all.

    I don't think we actually need the BR with the new pistol and all. I think that's how the magnum should have been, and we should never of had the BR. Seems a bit more correct to me, dunno why.

    Ontopic: In matchmaking I am now constantly rushing SMG and only taking one, with sometimes putting a magnum as my spare to practice for Halo 3: ODST.

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