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(Sticky) All Classic Maps Remade in Halo 4

Discussion in 'Halo 4 Files Archive' started by Gronfors, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Gronfors

    Gronfors New Member

    Last Updated: Feb. 27th 14:56

    Here's a collection of all known remakes of previous Halo multiplayer maps!
    Submit some more if you have found some, I will not be listing more than 3 per each map, and will attempt to pick the best ones if extra arise.

    The files are in this format:

    Original Map: Gamertag Fileshare | New Map Name | Author's Gamertag | More (Forum Post/Images/Videos)

    Tip: For better in game organization, I have each map renamed to its original, plus the game(ex, H2 Tombstone, H3 Guardian) Makes going through much easier!

    Post any new maps (Or links for "More") in the comments

    Halo CE

    Battle Creek: TextbookStoner | Dry Creek | TextbookStoner | More

    Blood Gulch:

    Boarding Action: Jed05 | Boarding Action | longridr | More

    Chill Out:Darkprince909 | Cold Storage | Darkprince909

    Chiron TL-34: MGK FLIVER | Chiron TL343 | MGKFLIVER | More

    Damnation: thesilencebrokn | Damnation | thesilencebrokn | More

    Derelict: TextbookStoner | DERELICT | TextbookStoner | More

    Hang 'Em High:
    - Abstyler | RMK Accession | Abstyler |
    - TextbookStoner | Hang em High | UberGERKEN | More

    - TallT66 | Extruded | TallT66

    Prisoner: IKorlash | Prisoner | IKorlash

    Rat Race: Vincent Torre | Rat Trap Classic | Vincent Torre | More


    Wizard: TextbookStoner | Witch Hunt | TextbookStoner | More

    Halo PC Exclusive

    Danger Canyon:

    Death Island:

    Gephyrophobia: Shore Jesus | Transverse | Shore Jesus

    Ice Fields:



    Halo 2

    Ascension: Jed05 | Ascension | MX 957


    Beaver Creek: Unrivaled20 | H2 Beaver Creek | Unrivaled20

    Burial Mounds:
    - Awthehumanity | Burial Mounds | Awthehumanity
    - K3N0S1S | Burial Mounds | K3N0S1S | More


    Colossus: CenturionOmegaI | Leviathan | CenturionOmegaI


    Desolation: Nillapuddin626 | Forsaken | Nillapuddin626 | More

    Elongation: SNIPE 316 | Elongation | SNIPE 316 | More

    - PTWOB | Foundation | PTWOB
    - RegardlessDollan | Stratum | RegardlessDollan | More
    - Nillapuddin626 | Keystone | Nillapuddin626 | More

    Gemini: Unrivaled20 | H2 Gemini | Unrivaled20

    Headlong: TMR Legend | H3adl0ng | TMR Legend | More

    Ivory Tower:
    - Jed05 | Mirrored | Cof1 Crunk D | More
    - CenturionOmegaI | Iridescent | CenturionOmegaI

    Lockout: - Ash55 | Lockout | Ash55
    - YamaMX | Lockout | YamaMX | More
    - A Large Basket | Lockout v4 | A Large Basket




    - Hadjek du 25 | MLG Sanctuary | Hadjek du 25
    - Indie Anthias | Sacrament ~classy | Indie Anthias


    Tombstone: CenturionOmegaI | Gravestone | CenturionOmegaI | More

    - Nillapuddin626 | AstroTurf | Nillapuddin626 | More
    - Darkprince909 | Turf | Darkprince909 | More
    - Jed05 | Turf V2 | iCanopy

    Warlock: RegardlessDolan | Warlord | RegardlessDolan


    Zanzibar: Jed05 | "Camp Froman" | CommanderColson

    Halo 2 PC Exclusive



    Halo 3


    Avalanche: Gronfors | Rockfall | Gronfors

    Blackout: (See Halo 2's Lockout)

    Citadel: UberAURORA | Bastion | UberAURORA | More

    Cold Storage: Darkprince909 | Cold Storage | Darkprince909 | More

    - Unrivaled20 | H3 Construct | Challenger
    - Card Trix | Competitive CONSTRUCT | Card Trix | More

    Epitaph: o Urban Myth o | Elegy | o Urban Myth o | More

    - KAZEROID | Foundry | Kazeroid
    - Zatherla | FORGERY | Zatherla | More

    Ghost Town: Indie Anthias | Ghost Town '77 | Indie Anthias | More

    - Thuum | Guardian | Thuum
    - thesilencebrokn | Guardian | thesilencebrokn | More
    - Jed05 | Guardian | FamousFaps


    High Ground: DeadlyAvenger24 | High Ground | DeadlyAvenger24 | More


    Last Resort: Jed05 | "Camp Froman" | CommanderColson

    Long Shore: KAZEROID | LongShore | KAZEROID

    Narrows: Jed05 | Attrocity | Fame28 | More

    Orbital: Given To Fly 93 | Moonbase Alpha | Given To Fly 93 | More

    Rat's Nest: TMR Legend | Spartan Nest | TMR Legend |More

    Sandbox: Hadjek du 25 | Sandbox | Hadjek du 25




    The Pit:
    - o CUJ0 o | H3 PITfall | o CUJ0 o | More
    - Randy 355 | Tartarus | Randy 355 | More
    - Xsjados | The Pit | Xsjados
    - Jed05 | The Pit | Big Pap SaLoT

    Valhalla: In-game as "Ragnarok"

    Halo Reach

    Anchor 9:

    Battle Canyon: (See Halo CE's Beaver Creek)





    Countdown: Abstyler | RMK Countdown | Abstyler


    Forge World:
    - Asylum: Indie Anthias | Sacrament | Indie Anthias
    - Hemorrhage: (See Halo CE's Blood Gulch)
    - Paradiso:
    - Pinnacle: (See Halo 2's Ascension)
    - Uncaged: Jed05 | Genesis | hazardousr3ject


    High Noon:



    Reflection: (See Halo 2's Ivory Tower)




    Sword Base: CombatantSteve | Sword Base | Multiple Authors


    Zealot: Abstyler | RMK Zealot | Abstyler
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  2. xSharpshooter94

    xSharpshooter94 New Member


    Super Sexy.
  3. Yama

    Yama Member

    Awesome list and awesome job compiling it.

    I noticed Halo 2 PC's Uplift missing and it saddens me. You know, I'd love to see it. Despite being a player who prefers smaller maps, Uplift was a beautiful set piece and played fairly well for bigger team objective. If it were easier to build on water, similar to Reach, it'd probably be somewhat doable.
  4. REMkings

    REMkings The Rick Grimes of the Netherlands Flood/Infection

    I'd love to see a remake of Rat's Nest. Number one map of all time in my opinion.
  5. xSharpshooter94

    xSharpshooter94 New Member

    it seems that there is one, if i am reading this right.
  6. Vincent Torre

    Vincent Torre New Member

    You're not

    KAZEROID New Member

    ALRIGHT! I'll Do it, don't have to get pushy now... xD
  8. PA1NTS

    PA1NTS Member

    Damn Kazeroid. I'd so wanna co forge it with you. But my hand is ****ed right now.
  9. EerySandpiper70

    EerySandpiper70 New Member

    If anyone is interested, I should have a (rough) remake of H2's Midship, H3's Heretic, that should be on my fileshare. I remember for a fact that I have it, but I don't remember if it's on my fileshare or not. I also have an unfinished remake of H2's Terminal, if anyone is interested in helping me finish. The map is not my own, it's one that I found unfinished. I've tried finishing it, but in all honesty haven't a clue of where to begin :X
  10. xSharpshooter94

    xSharpshooter94 New Member

    so I'm not.
  11. Waterfall

    Waterfall Active Member

    Hmm. Any way you can make it so that if we click on the name of the remake that it will take us to the thread here on forgehub so we don't have to dig?
  12. Gronfors

    Gronfors New Member

    I linked the ones I could find with "More", if people post the link to others, I will edit in.

    Also, not all have Forgehub posts.
  13. Given To Fly

    Given To Fly Member

    I have an actual remake of orbital up in my fileshare I had in forgotten treasures if you would wanna put that up..?

    I got confused because it says Kazeroids gravity but the link leads to my map in the submission thread. I also have a map preview of it. (from before we could post maps) its called moonbase alpha
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  14. Anz11

    Anz11 New Member

    This is a very good idea for a thread and makes it lot easier to find good remakes. Also the Terminal remake EerySandpiper mentioned was made by me, but haven´t got to finish it due to my noobiness with spawns, so if anyone wants to try make something out of it, be my guest. There´s 2 versions of it in my fileshare, Terminal H4 and Classic.

    I might get on that Uplift remake later when they take out H2V servers offline on 15th of February, have to play that a lot until that happens. Also if any of you can sign this petition to save H2V it would be greatly appreciated!

  15. AussieForger

    AussieForger New Member

    thank god someone put a list of these together, classic maps are wicked to play on as they are something different from halo 4 maps and they make u remember.
  16. RehnX

    RehnX New Member

    It amazes me the a decent Midship hasn't popped up, I would think that would have been one of the first maps completed considering it's popularity with the FFA crowd in H2.

    I've not only signed, but I've sent it to everyone I know that played Halo 2.
  17. Teancum

    Teancum Member


    I don't mean to be "that guy" but they've already stated that Halo 2 Vista is going offline because of low player numbers. Signing a petition won't fix that now. The only slim prayer you have is to absolutely fill mulitplayer lobbies until the day of shut down, but even then the death warrant has been signed.

    Typically speaking multiplayer gets shut down in games due to lack of player base. It's sad, but those are the facts of life.


    Also, 1,000 signatures is really a peanuts number goal to a company. Get about 15x that number to sign and you'll have substantial backing.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  18. Indie Anthias

    Indie Anthias Unabash'd Rubbernecker

  19. Gronfors

    Gronfors New Member

    Given To Fly; I've changed it to yours (Sorry 'bout that!), but could you link the full thread?

    Indie; Updated the link!

    Also, I'm about half done an almost 1:1 remake of Standoff! (Tip for Halo 3/Reach remakes, use the coordinates! Totally forgot about that when I was making avalanche, but insane help with Standoff
  20. Yama

    Yama Member

    I'm not so sure it'd be possible in Halo 4's Forge sadly. In Reach you could build on and in the water up to your helmet, in Halo 4 I can't even build to have a little splash. Sadly that alone would debunk it's creation, as running through the water is a huge part of Uplift. Perhaps some future forgeable maps will have the option, though somehow I doubt it.

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