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Spooner St

Discussion in 'Reach Casual Maps' started by Ares945, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Ares945

    Ares945 New Member

    Spooner St. is a medium size infection map made by Ares945 and EPIC SH00TER. Spooner St. allows players to settle down inside buildings, or snipe off zombies one by one on the rooftops.


    The Restaurant

    The Church

    One of The Houses

    I Hope Everybody Enjoys The Map!!!!!!!
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  2. PhantomStrike

    PhantomStrike Member

    First off your map is hard to describe with such small pictures, can you try adding bigger ones. Also, your posting in the wrong section this should be placed in Casual. Oh well, from the pictures all I can say is I see some realistic buildings not much. Good enough, welcome to Forge Hub!
  3. Rorak Kuroda

    Rorak Kuroda Up All Night

    Moved to casual
  4. Ares945

    Ares945 New Member

    Since this is my first post, I kind of need help with that, If you could help me, I would like that. :D 
  5. Crimson Phoenix

    Crimson Phoenix New Member

    Use a photobucket account and upload your photos from ur fileshare to there and then onto forgehub.
  6. REMkings

    REMkings The Rick Grimes of the Netherlands Flood/Infection

    If I wouldn't have already played on this map once, together with x hunter33 some time ago, it probably wouldn't have made such a big impression at all, because of the tiny pictures. But... since I DID play on it, I can tell that this map is AWESOME.
    Just a few things on what make this map as good as it is:
    1. Tons of ways to survive the zombie horde, from holding out in an attic, to staying on top of another building with the grenade launcer, to driving around in the warthog - that last one is extra challenging, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to make it a little harder to survive until the end but do wants to pick up quite a lot of kills.
    2. Very smooth and intelligent forging overall, with a great variety of used pieces and a lot of effort being put into the details and aesthetics as well.
    3. Very neat weapon placements and excellent spawns.
    4. Amazingly balanced gameplay for both sides, and a really terrifying experience as a human.

    Conclusion: this map is epic, and I will definitely play this in my future BIOC lobbies*.
    I'd really recommend doing something about the picture size, and adding more pictures as well, such as gameplay screenshots. It will convince people earlier to check it out and download it.

    Finally, since I only played this once, I can't tell yet if there are any major bugs or things that need tweaking, but I will definitely come back to that soon. Eventually, I'm thinking about getting this to Oakley HiDef for a potential feature on THFE, because it's definitely worthy.

    * If the two of you didn't hear about BIOC yet, be sure to check this out and join our group, because I'm sure you guys would like it.
    Oh, and an explanation about what I meant with showing it to Oakley for a feature: (watch the end of the video, the scouting part):

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  7. SawtoothMoney86

    SawtoothMoney86 New Member

    hey ares i take back what i said about spooner street and i hope we can play it soon
  8. oomishday3

    oomishday3 New Member

    I played on this with REMkings and some others a day or two ago I think and it's pretty nice, my only complaint really is that it was kinda small. I think you should try to make a bigger map next time. Given I did play it with 16... I understand that it is probably the perfect size for 10-12 people
  9. REMkings

    REMkings The Rick Grimes of the Netherlands Flood/Infection

    Like I said before, I had a great time on this map the first time I played it and I loved the aesthetics. Today, I had a second game on this map and again, it was really good. However, I do have some more constructive criticism now, and you might want to consider taking a look at it to improve your chances of getting me to show it to Oakley HiDef even more:

    - I noticed that at least some of the weapons respawn after a certain period of time. Now this doesn't immediately have to be a bad thing on an Infection map, but I do think you could extend the respawn times of those weapons. I'm pretty sure I was the only player who discovered it (I didn't use a microphone to warn the rest), but for me it was quite easy to get that Running Riot with quite a lot of easy sniper kills/headshots and shotgun kills. You can probably imagine what would happen if every player would have that opportunity, when they know about the respawning weapons. So my tip is to either have those respawn times at least 3 times longer than they are now, or to have them not respawn at all, so it will be a bigger challenge for the humans to survive and they have to be sparing with their ammo.

    Basically that was the only (minor) complaint I have about this map. For the rest, it's amazing, and I really like it for several aspects. The aesthetics look great (the buildings look realistic and detailed and are skilfully forged, the access routes look natural and suit the environment well), the holdout spots are various, original and characteristic (sitting on a roof with a sniper, or holding back in the attic with a turret, or driving around in a warthog), and so are the weapons and vehicles you can use to survive (like I said, snipers, shotguns, turrets, warthogs, etc.).

    You are very close to that recommendation, sirs. :) 
    And, on top of thinking about my tip, submitting this map to BIOC as well would increase that chance even more because then, multiple hosts will be able to take a look at it...
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  10. Ares945

    Ares945 New Member

    Thanks, I will be fixing the weapons the next time i get online :) 

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