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Discussion in 'Halo 3 Race Maps' started by Scalpel Technique, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Scalpel Technique

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Created by ScalpelTechniqe

    Supported Gametypes:
    Rocket Race. Allow weapon pickups for general settings - not for VIP - and high gravity for VIP - for uncheatable destinations, or just use my gametype (link below). Games are better at 15 or 20 points to win.

    Map Description
    SKYBLAZE is a Rocket Race boosting and trick map with lots of different jumps and boosts from small to sky high. The map was made with fun, speed and gameplay in mind, with a bit of difficulty thrown in to try and add more competition to the gameplay. With every VIP destinations there are multiple pathways of just normal jumps and boosting, but there are many more routes around the map via boosts, so boosting skill should reign supreme. I've worked hard to try and add more to this map and have used every immovable object available on Standoff.


    This is a powerful boost, one of three ways to the Sky destination








    This map may seem familiar because it's based off of SKYJUMP my previous rocket race map, this is basically "SKYJUMP - the boosting version" but I changed the name since the Skyjump ramp is no longer the centrepiece and focus of the map. If you dont know what boosting it's when you use an incline - map geometry or a forged ramp and your VIP looks backwards and downwards and shoots a rocket, propelling you into the sky. It takes a while to get the hang of but isn't too hard once you get it, you just need to shoot the rocket towards the bottom of the ramp - not the top as you would expect and higher sensitivity for the VIP helps alot. This one has been unfinished on my hard drive for awhile, I was able to finish it after I got the hang of ghost merging and since it was nearly finished, I wanted to get it out before Reach is out. There are a few destinations on the map where you can get a double score by being in the air and getting the next VIP go to automatically, I thought long and hard about changing this but decided not to since the ones you can get a double score on are the most difficult to get to anyway. To take them out would be to take away too much fun and wouldn't be using the map's full potential. As far as aesthetics go - there's not much possible with the objects available and in rocket race all movable objects are just mongoose flippers as far as I'm concerned, so the map is clean and functional.

    Big thanks to those guys at the Testers guild, their kind words and feedback on the map was what spurred me on to get it out there.

    Download SKYBLAZE
    Download SB ROCKET RACE
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