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Sgt. Johnson is Available to All

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by redearth, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. redearth

    redearth New Member

    Can't preorder the game? Planning on winning the lottery on the day of release? Well do I have a link for you!

    That's right, for the low low low price of 99,999 MS points, or $1,249.99 you too can play as Sgt. Johnson in firefight!! A worthy payment for someone so amazing!

    Ok, so this isn't classified as spam I'm putting a real point to this topic. Just in case you did not know you can officially download Johnson to your XBox already as of today. So if you have the code pop it in now before your friends steal it from you. Happy hunting!
  2. evilvillager

    evilvillager Member

    Lmao. Nice find. I remember when I first saw the mythic map pack on xbox live before the official release date. It was also insanely expensive.

    But I really do hope that they allow Sgt Johnson to become a DLC.
  3. RedNeck

    RedNeck Active Member

    Haha. Thats quite the ridicules price. I preordered so I could really careless if he got on the Marketplace. Nice find though. :) 
  4. RightSideTheory

    RightSideTheory Failside

    Sounds like a personal problem to me son.

    They'll change the price when They'll change the price when Halo 3: ODST actually comes out, most likely to something at least moderately reasonable. Though I pre-ordered ODST, so this doesn't really effect me.
  5. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    I bet he'll be out on the marketplace eventually lol.
  6. Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member

    Americans get Johnson. In Canada, we don't have Gamestop, but EB Games.

    They really should allow more than JUST Gamestop to have it.
    I pre-ordered my Halo Wars from EB; Got nothing. Gears 2, Got some of it. Hell, Future Shop in Canada has given me more than EB has. I've gotten a T-shirt and Hat from Halo 3.
  7. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    sucks for you lol. maybe you can order from Gamestop and have them ship to canada?
  8. Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member

    I wish.
    Gamestop doesn't do that. I checked xD
  9. Loud

    Loud New Member

    Well that sucks.
    I really do hope SGT Johnson becomes available
  10. Donii

    Donii New Member

    I have a gamestop in my mall.

    Also, I agree with RST, It will prob be in the Marketplace later on. Maybe limited time offer or something.
  11. Hari

    Hari Active Member

    ebuh. solves alls of teh prollems.
  12. M.Jelleh

    M.Jelleh New Member

    Doesn't gamestop own EB games?
  13. Rifte

    Rifte New Member

    Actually, you can get limited preordered stuff from EB games(I'm getting the Jonshon coin from a newer EB games). Stuff varies by location. I didn't get flame decal for Halo Wars because I went to an older location, but my friend who went to another mall like a 15 minute drive away did.

    And there's a Gamestop in the new giant mall outside of Calgary.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2009
  14. TheEpicCiabatta

    TheEpicCiabatta New Member

    Other way around, I think.
  15. DMM White

    DMM White New Member

    I hope not. If you want Johnson then you have to preorder. It's a preorder bonus, not a preorder and you get Johnson early or you could wait and get him anyway after a month bonus.

    Like the flaming warthog in Halo Wars, that wasn't made available to everyone.
  16. Rogue Shadow IV

    Rogue Shadow IV New Member

    That would be GREAT if they never made johnson available to the public like Halo Wars if they don't pre-order it now. Which I think it is too late to pre-order it now and get johnson.
  17. Crippled Hobo

    Crippled Hobo New Member

    They also did this with the golden lancer from Gears of War 2 after the launch. Look here.

    But when they first released it onto the marketplace, someone messed up the price and set it to free, and thousands of people got it.
  18. Bloo Jay

    Bloo Jay New Member

    We never get the special stuff in Regina. All of our stores are old, and theres no plan for a new one either.
  19. redearth

    redearth New Member

    They actually need this here to be available guys. Without it nobody could get it, dl or not. Cuz the lancers, they know to set the price before someone finds it.
  20. Orange

    Orange Member

    They have to do this, it has to have a price, same thing when mythic was avalable for redeem early, it has to be on the marketplace for a price to have an option to DL it

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