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Scooby Shootout

Discussion in 'Reach Competitive Maps' started by Preacher001, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Scooby Shootout is a small, simple map that came into being when I was talking about the lame Scooby Doo hallway gag. You know the one where they get chased by the ghosts and ghouls into a hallway that has something like 4 doors and everyone comes in and out from every which way. I said to my buddy, "I bet I could make that in Forge." Then I did. There was no real thought process involved in the rest of the map, it's just a bunch of playing around that accomplished something.

    The Scooby theme is carried throughout the map. The map style is darker (without FX), you have the hallway game, and the power ups if thought of in Scooby Doo style are:

    Sprint - Scooby and Shaggy running scared
    Evade - Scooby and Shaggy running scared (they do alot of this :)
    Hologram - mimicking ghost
    Invisibility - ghost
    Shield Boost -
    okay you got me on this one.

    Last but not least what Scooby map would be complete without the hidden sword room. Dark and creepy as ever. Be wary that's were the ghosts come from.

    As per our usual agreement, the map is small, fast, and unneccesarily destructive. I did however leave a couple of the messier weapons out and reduced the rocket launcher.

    The main lower hallway and home to the Scooby hallway game.

    From the opposite end.

    One way shields are set up to smooth the effect.


    The lift area sports a 4 point of entry drop down and the lift itself will take you above the small room on the upper level.

    Upon exiting the lift you will land on the small, thin ledge above the upper room.

    The upper room.

    This teleporter is one of two that offer additional random spawns to and from the hallway game.

    One of two identical ramped hallways that allow you to traverse between levels.

    The largest room on the map just so happens to be the hidden sword room.

    So you found the hidden room, but can you get the sword?

    Everyone always seems to end up in the upper room but my favorite kills are always hopping throught the random teleporters. Hope you enjoy this simple, light hearted map.
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