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Scarabs in ODST?

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by FSC Nightmare, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. FSC Nightmare

    FSC Nightmare New Member

    I wonder if there are going to be scarabs in Halo 3: ODST or not? What do you guys think? Any opinions?
  2. MetaWaddleDee

    MetaWaddleDee New Member

    The way you need to kill them seems to be only suitable to a campaign level, but if you can kill a scarab with pure damage, then I think they'll make it in.
  3. FSC Nightmare

    FSC Nightmare New Member

    Yeah, that's what I meant. If they were going to put them in firefight, it would have to be one BIG map. It would be cool to have them in campaign though.
  4. Crippled Hobo

    Crippled Hobo New Member

    I think they'll make it a level where you've gotta sneak on to one, not like a "try and jump on to it whilst taking countless amounts of rockets to the face"

    Yeh I think if they do have a scarab in the game, it won't be what we're used to with master chief. Being an under powered ODST and stealth being a bigger part of the game, I think you'll have to infiltrate it quietly. Although, if it is part of one it'll be in a flashback, I doubt there be enough room for it in the city, unless there's an epic over building fight.
  5. PwnsauceAddict

    PwnsauceAddict New Member

    They do have a scarab in firefight, its probably only on huge maps too and for bonus rounds or something
    Go here and click on vehicle chest and look at the last two of them. Its a scarab and a regen which ,from what i read, i think is going to be a vehicle that engineers use for something.
  6. FSC Nightmare

    FSC Nightmare New Member

    I agree, they probably wouldn't have them walking arround the city. But if they did, it would be pretty funny you have to admit!
  7. Crippled Hobo

    Crippled Hobo New Member

    Woah, I'm guessing they're gonna be a boss after quite alot of rounds.
  8. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    There might be a Firefight level that is more orientated around vehicles rather than infantry. They have only announced 3 maps, and shown images of 1 or 2 more, i hope there is like 8.
  9. Ladnil

    Ladnil New Member

    There are 19 firefight maps! my original source.

    Or just go to your own Bungie.net service record, click ODST, and click the "maps" dropdown. Count for yourself. Unless those include campaign missions, then we've got 19 firefight maps.
  10. Rifte

    Rifte New Member

    There are 10 total maps confirmed by Lars Bakken in this video.

    I also doubt we'll be seeing ANY scarabs in frefight maps. Look at the size of the maps, seriously. Of all the maps we've seen, I can only imagine a scarab being in Lost Platoon on a higher wave. But at least we know for a fact we'll be facing one in either campaign or FF.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2009
  11. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    Those are also the campaign levels.

    There are 10 total firefight levels. 7 initially, and 3 more you unlock. Ive watched gameplay on all of them, and never was there a scarab. Obviously it could be a much later wave, but id doubt it.

    In campaign, I can probably see you killing one as Dutch maybe.
  12. RedNeck

    RedNeck Active Member

    Don't count on a scarab in firefight. If I had to guess i'd say you'll probly infiltrate a scarab similar to the way you did in Halo 2 when you where in New Mombasa. Probly a smig different as the design of the sccarabs has changed between the 2 games.
  13. Mulah

    Mulah New Member

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2009
  14. Scobra

    Scobra New Member

    There's also Phantoms and Recharges on that list. I've yet to see a Recharge in my game (then again, all I play is Crater because I can only play by myself til' Tuesday when I get a 'non-imported French copy') and I haven't been able to destroy a Phantom. I haven't seen a Scarab either but the only level I can actually see a scarab being on is Lost Platoon and I barely play that one because I play it alone. Plus, if there are Scarabs, they'd be at a much later wave because of how insanely difficult destroying them would be.
  15. Security

    Security Active Member

    What's wrong woth a Scarab in the city? Ever played Metropolis in Halo 2?
  16. SaytanicHorde

    SaytanicHorde New Member

    @ Scobra- I think that lost platoon would be a good map to play alone due to the large size of the map, and how you're only one person, and how big map+small person= many hiding spots
  17. CaptnSTFU

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    I hate to break it to ya'll but there isn't a scarab, i have watched all the campaign videos on youtube from France, and there was no scarab, now maybe just maybe it will be a dlc level for firefight that has it, but as for the campaign. There won't be a scarab.

    And if you don't beleive me just go to youtube and put in Halo 3 ODST campaign, you can watch the whole thing if you'd like.
  18. Loscocco

    Loscocco Active Member

    I saw a gameplay of the last level of ODST. Yes there are Scarabs.

    I dont think that they will be much different because you still have vehicles and can do the same amount of damage. The only thing different is the time on the scarab (on foot) and the non rechargeable shields in a vehicle.
  19. Undead Fanatic

    Undead Fanatic New Member

    BAM. Confirmed

    The Link goes to IGN where you see a Scarab at night with the VISR.
    I would've embedded it but I'm having a really hard time for some reason.
    Feel free to try though.
  20. DimmestBread

    DimmestBread New Member

    There is one in campaign. I'll try to find the screenshot or video that I saw it in but it was on bungie.net.

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