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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RhymeSlayer, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    Hello All. Im pretty new to forge hub.
    I dont really know what to do here.
    I am really just looking for people who would like to forge with me and/or give me an outside opinion on some of my current works.

    I am 22 and I work fulltime, so I may not be on everyday, but I am on quite a bit.
    I am very good with the asthetics of maps and flow, and would like to meet some people who are good with spawns/game varients/etc..

    Thats about it, I suppose.

    Add my gamertag if you are going to forge with me and you know what you are doing.
    my gamertag is RhymeSlayer
  2. ♥ Sky

    ♥ Sky <FONT COLOR="#FE2EC8"><b>I Beat the Staff!</b></FO

    Herrow there.

    Welcome to the Hub of Forge!

    I'm ♥ Sky. The lovable loonatic.
  3. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    Hello yourself.
    Nice to meet you.
  4. bullet2thehead9

    bullet2thehead9 Member

    Hello RhymeSlayer. Welcome to FH, my name is I bullet2thehead9. I would love to a co-forge, but I do suck at spawning. I am a good forger and I kinda know what I am doing. If you want to get an idea of some stuff I can do look in my sig(the map Vivid and Inverse, they are my newest)
  5. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    I really liked what I saw in their pics and downloaded them. Will check them out shortly. I would love to co forge so add me if you want.
  6. Mocha

    Mocha Member

    Hello good sir. I am Mocha! The drunk of his ass sherif of the wild west. Things have been funky around here, I hope you understand.
  7. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    hello mocha. nice to meet you. im not really good at doing the whole forum thing, but im looking for co forgers and playtesters... directions maybe?
  8. pinohkio

    pinohkio Active Member

    Hey, I'm pinohkio and if you're looking for playtesters, the Custom Lobby section of the TRC guild has just what you're looking for. You're going to have to look a little harder for Co-forgers, but I'm sure you could easily find some people in the Shoutbox.

    If custom games are your thing, there is also a biweekly game night called TGIF, the next one is July 27th, I believe, and you can even sign up to host!
  9. Berb

    Berb Active Member

    Hello RhymeSlayer and welcome to ForgeHub. I'm Berb, and i'm sure we've already met.
  10. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    yes we have. this is just a more formal introduction. hello, i am rhymeslayer! thanks. good to be a part of forgehub!
  11. SilentJacket

    SilentJacket Member

    hello again, enjoy your stay!
  12. RhymeSlayer

    RhymeSlayer New Member

    Thank you! seems pretty cool here. I am kinda stepping on shells here though cause I keep doing stupid things. for example, I posted a map into the TG and into the competetive forum at the same time. didn't know I couldnt do that. and then I posted something like "cool looking map" on a map I came across and was told I wasnt supposed to post there.
    I like this place, but I dont know what Im doing here half of the time.
    Anyways, thanks. lol
    (sorry for writing a novel of a reply)
  13. SilentJacket

    SilentJacket Member

    that's fine, novels are always better than "cool, thanks"!
  14. FM and the BB

    FM and the BB New Member

    Hey RhymeSlayer, there are some crazy peoples around here, but remember MOST are cool. Hope to see some good stuff out of you!

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