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Remake RF2.Fall Factor Amped

Discussion in 'Reach Competitive Maps' started by Preacher001, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Sep 22, 2010
    **You must use Jolans RF2 gametype listed above**

    Props go to Jolan for making this incredible map remake from one of my favorite FPS shooters from the last generation. This is a remake of the Red Faction 2 map Fall Factor. I couldn't remember the map so I loaded up Jolans RF2 Fall Factor map and immediatly started to remember the layout. Jolan's attention to detail is up there with the best. His idea for the bridgeways was ingenious. I played a round on the map with some friends but something seemed a bit off. Even though we used Jolans RF2 gametype mod it felt a bit slow. I soon realised it was the lack of falling in the Fall Factor map as well as Halo weapons not matching up to the true destructive ability of RF2 weapons. You see, a common problem with even the best, most accurate remakes is a loss of the spirit from the original. I talked to Jolan about it, but he had already moved on to other map builds and wasn't interested in any future updates.

    This could not be! Not an almost perfect RF2 map thrown to the wayside. There must be something a lowly problem solver with ideas that far outmatch his skills could do. I put myself to the task and here is what I've got.

    First off a height revision. Must have more height. Must always be falling. (why oh why don't we have an Outer Space Forge space) Second, the rocket launcher drop must be a real drop. (more falling) Third, the weapons don't have to be the same, they just need to be destructive. ( I don't know if it's joy or pain I feel for the loss of the rail gun) Finally, we need to feel like there is nothing slowing us down. Not even for a second.

    After hours/days/weeks of modding went by that also included a full spawn rebuild, and some playtesting, I sighed a sigh of resonable contentment. It's not perfect, but here's what the best of two minds could come up with.
    Here is RF2. Fall Factor Amped

    Basic overview of the new darker, more dangerous Amped revision.

    Overview of original Fall factor.

    Notice the difference in height between this Amped revision and the original.

    Old fall factor with tighter lower walkway.

    Left - Before, Right - After
    Platforms are raised and original RF2 Map flow removed for faster varied map coverage.

    Jump to teleport added to recreate sense of speed and danger from original Fall Factor. Safety barrier removed. Slimmer single pillar replaces wider pillar style.

    New defensive pillars added for map balance and overhead jump safety structures removed.

    Old 10 foot drop to rocket launcher replaced with 40 foot drop. This has not been perfected but is as close as I can get considering it's dual purpose.

    Old rocket jump from another angle.

    Closer shot of the new Rocket drop

    Rocket drop in Action!!!

    Jolans pretty walkways in thier new darker setting

    I would also like to thank Jolan for popping in and giving some advice even though he was too lazy to do the revisions himself :) Last time I spoke to him he was looking forward to the completetion so that he could give it to his buddy.

    If you're looking for some good RF2 action definetly check out Jolans RF2 remake Watch Your Step here. I like this map as much if not more than the original. It is a must have for any classic FPS player.

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    For those that are unfamiliar with the original Red Faction 2 map that this is remade from here a vid:

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