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Reached 11.3 million in Firefight

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by KoD Cyrax 51, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. KoD Cyrax 51

    KoD Cyrax 51 Member

    Me (KoD Cyrax 51), XxNokrotxX, XpZ Xylocepter and x Magnetar x.

    11.3 Million

    We all reached this goal of ours. Were not trying to say we beat
    any records or did better than anyone. we just wanted to see how high we could get.
    we achieved this goal on Lost Platoon on Normal.

    But the real reason why i am bringing this up is because our stats of that game arnt
    showing up on bungie but they appear when we get on Halo 3 :ODST. does anyone kno why
    or how long it takes for hours of games to update?
    I really want to see our stats of that game on bungie.

    Pictures of my Stats:

    plz reply and also no spam
    thanks =]
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2009
  2. Something.

    Something. New Member

    Choppa skillz, eh?
  3. KoD Cyrax 51

    KoD Cyrax 51 Member

    haha yeah i had like 1900 something kills with the chopper.
    we reached the 21st set
  4. SaytanicHorde

    SaytanicHorde New Member

  5. Something.

    Something. New Member

    I was being sarcastic but OK, good for you.
  6. alienman911

    alienman911 New Member

    pics or it dident happen

    try looking to see if its on bungie yet
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  7. Rogue Shadow IV

    Rogue Shadow IV New Member

    Did you end game or did you just loose all of your lives? Cause if you just ended game it sometimes doesn't show up.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  8. Pigglez

    Pigglez New Member

    Do it without the chopper.
    Get the same score.

    And those stats appear right as you finish the game. If they aren't there, then something is wrong.
  9. MeNaCe x TIGER

    MeNaCe x TIGER New Member

    That sucks that it didn't show up. did you end the game or did you run out of lives?
  10. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    did you do it online? silly question, but if you did it offline, it wont show.
  11. KsqueaK

    KsqueaK New Member

    i just love it how everyone always is so negative about highscores when its on lost platoon because u used the chopper.

    great job man thats a sick score.

    why do u people always ask if u ended it or u ran out of lives? mine always show up on the website regardless of how it ends.
    hopefully yours shows up.
  12. Something.

    Something. New Member

    Perhaps because all you need to do is spam Right trigger?

    Oh and get out to laser a wraith every so often. What skill.
  13. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    Especially on normal... fail!

    Any highscore is achievable on any map with easy or normal, it's just a case of patience. Any highscore is achievable on a few maps on highscore, but atleast it's a challenge of teamwork.

    I'm only taking highscores seriously on Legendary, and not on Lost Platoon.
  14. Camel Carcass

    Camel Carcass New Member

    din'' happn.
  15. KoD Cyrax 51

    KoD Cyrax 51 Member

    umm idk why it didnt show up. we had like 40 lives at the end and we just
    messed around until they were all gone and the game ended.
    everything was there but like the stats and everything. but its not on
    bungie. but when i get on odst it says that i have 11.3 million. if you dont
    believe me then you can join my party. my tag is KoD Cyrax 51
  16. Guntha x

    Guntha x New Member

    I'm not sure how long it takes, but man you guys did awesome
    I'm willing to bet that's going to be in the scoreboards for Lost Platoon
  17. Mongoose

    Mongoose New Member

    I love to troll.
  18. MovingTarget602

    MovingTarget602 New Member

    It was a joke. "And yes, this is a joke. We queued up the films from the ten million point game and sure, the player in question makes liberal use of the Brute Chopper. But he's also damn good. In fact, he's downright methodical. Besides, just the thought of doing anything for twenty-one hours straight has me feeling completely exhausted."
  19. Mongoose

    Mongoose New Member

    Hence the point of the word "troll". Read my post.

    OP, why even bother complaining about a score not showing up on Bungie.net when you did it on normal? Maybe it was a glitch, but that's too bad for you.
  20. Genghis the Great

    Genghis the Great New Member

    something similar happened to me on cod5 **** zombies:

    so were on Der Riese (the newest and hardest map) and we have made it to level 21! then we all die blablabla

    then a couple days ago, i checked the leaderboards and mine only says i amde it to round 14!!!! i was so pissed, and after a few weeks, its doubtful it will upload now. makes me sadfaic because no one lost connection or anything,

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