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Race Track

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Race Maps' started by eating lunch, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. eating lunch

    eating lunch New Member

    Yes I thought a very long time for the name of this map!

    Race Track is one of my older maps from like a year ago or so I guess, its old enough to where I'm not even sure how old it is lol. I'm new to the forum here so I thought I would come up with the 6 best old maps I have and make a map pack out of them for everyone here. Race Track is one the 6 maps in my Neato Foundry map pack lol.

    I did not know about merging and such back when I made these maps, but this one still turned out very good I think. I personally would rate it like 7/10 because merging stuff would help a little but not a ton in my opinion.

    I also didn't name it really because back when I made it I didn't think anyone but my friends and I would play it or see it. Again its not like this is intended to be an amazing map, but maybe some of you will have a bit of fun playing a game or two on it so I thought I would post it.

    As you can see below, Race Track has 4 Warthogs as the vehicles used for racing. This is also the only place you spawn on the map, so if you're thinking about playing a racing game where you can die and need to respawn somewhere other than the starting point of the race track, you will need to go into forge and add spawn points where you need them. The track is also a circuit, so you can race as many laps as you want to. I like 2 laps with 2 rounds in a VIP gametype where you score points by reaching the next destination. Of course that causes people just to stop if you get too far ahead of them, but while they wait you rack up points anyway so it still benefits you. I have seen a couple of flaws in the track, but nothing that ruins racing on it really.


    This next picture shows the first jump/ obstacle in the track. Sometimes you can make it over it, but most of the time the shield door bounces you straight up, so you should go around it, but its fun to try to get over it, and sometimes thats your best option. Originally I had just a barrier there, but it was hard to get over and you didn't get much air on it either, so I added the shield door to help launch you.


    The first U-turn in the track. Its important to get around this decently clean and straight to prepare for the man cannon jump.


    Jump the dump!


    More of an above view of the track, about the best I could get. You can see the U-turn you land at after the man cannon jump here well.


    The Off-Road section of the track. Its probably the most challening part, but surprisingly also the obstacle with the easiest way to get through; just go fast and straight lol. Thats your best hope. It is possible to get stuck in here, so if you do you need to grenade the warthog out, so I recommend turning on indestructable vehicles. I worked on fixing that problem when I made the track a few times, but there is still a problem spot. I wasn't that great at forging back when I made this map, so unless I redo this map its how it is. Its not a huge problem though, you hardly ever get stuck really, and most of the time someone behind you rams you out since they can't get around you.


    The jump at the end of the off-road section:


    The second big jump:


    Going through the tunnel-like area nearing the finish line and perhaps victory as well:


    I hope at least someone likes this enough to have some fun on it, I know I have with my friends even though its not fancy and merged perfectly or anything like that. If some people like it enough I will consider remaking it sometime eventually better than it is now, and probably on Sandbox to make it a bit easier to make as well.

    So if you like obstacles and jumps, download my Race Track!


    Bungie.net : Halo 3 File Details

    Also since this is my first post here cut me some slack if I didn't post properly or left something important out lol.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2010
  2. 99dudes

    99dudes New Member

    Your pics are small, man, i cant see them! Make sure to fixthat :) .
    Original name for the map too
  3. eating lunch

    eating lunch New Member

    Yeah how do you make them bigger? I took screenshots on Halo, then saved the shots to my computer, uploaded them to photobucket, and put the link into the image button here, but I see no way to control the size. If I resize the pics on photobucket they get all burry....

    Yeah how do you make them bigger? I took screenshots on Halo, then saved the shots to my computer, uploaded them to photobucket, and put the link into the image button here, but I see no way to control the size. If I resize the pics on photobucket they get all blurry....
  4. The Moran

    The Moran New Member

    i also have this problem, make either a new account or just use tinypic as you dont even have to register for that.... which is win
    they turn out small for non-pro users after a while, i'm assuming due to already having pictures on there using up the limited bandwidth...
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2010
  5. TheClubhouse

    TheClubhouse New Member

    Use imageshack, not photobucket. Imageshack lets you pick the size of the image output. Anyways, from the pics, it looks like you got some pretty awsome looking jumps on this map. I personally like the fact that someone made another racetrack for warthogs. Change is good! I look forward to playing this map sometime this week...
  6. Glasgow

    Glasgow Active Member

    Decent map, I can't really say anything about your forging skills because your pictures are too small. I can see however that there are is no merging (judging by your pictures). That isn't necessarily a bad thing, there have been good maps that have not used any forging glitches at all, but you could look up some simple tutorials in the Forging 101 sub-section to learn how to interlock/merge/ghost-merge/whatever, to make your map look smoother and play smoother.

    Back to your map, it's nice to see another warthog race track around here. I like how you enabled drivers to try the obstacles again if they miss, instead of doomed to die and restart the whole circuit.
  7. Decadence Night

    Decadence Night New Member

    you might have copied the links to the thumbnails, not to the actual image.
  8. ExoticallyPure

    ExoticallyPure New Member

  9. eating lunch

    eating lunch New Member

    Well my forging skills are literally a hundred times better than on any of the maps I will be posting from my Neato Foundry map pack because they are all VERY old maps, and I have learned a LOT from the time I made all of them, like merging for example.

    But like I said, I don't think a lack of merging affects this map too much because there are no banked turns, and the track is mostly flat. One section, the off-road section, might be better if it was merged though.

    Warthogs are the natural vehicle of choice for me. Once I realized making a race track would require it to be made for a certain vehicle to be a nice track, I knew the vehicle I wanted was the Warthog because it is the most classical Halo vehicle, one of the fastest if not the fastest, and it is the most car-like vehicle in Halo, and I grew up seeing lots of NASCAR races with my grandfather so I kind of think of that style of racing when I think about racing cars or anything close to that.

    I figured out why my pictures are small too which I'm about to fix, I saved them before clicking on them to make them big, so I think it saved them as the icon size you click on. I think if I click on them then save them they might turn out a bigger size. If that doesn't work I will try imageshack or whatever its called.
  10. saml1997

    saml1997 New Member

    i dont think this map looks really good, because it looks too narrow for warthogs. I cant find many other things that jump out at me, but if you want to make a map for warthogs make it it the width of two double boxes, and you might want to consider brushing up on forging techniques like ghost merging, my race maps used to suck (i havent ever posted one on forgehub) but im making an awesome now with amazingly smooth banks and hills in the skybubble. the whole point of that was to keep trying, but i got a little off topic.

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