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Preordering ODST - Help Plz

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by ER1C0, Sep 14, 2009.

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    ER1C0 Active Member

    So I live in China, where the Chinese roam.. I'm in foreign lands.. but what do I do when I need to preorder Halo: ODST??!!!

    lol, but srsly... I really need to preorder this game so I can get my hands on it as soon as possible.. Does anybody know how I can preorder an American version and bring it over here?

    Many problems for this include:
    -I guess there's like a location copyright limit for each game, so I need a US version for it to work in my US Xbox 360.
    -Has to be English lol
    -I've ordered things from Apple and such, so I know I can ship things here pretty easily..

    I've heard Amazon is good for this type of thing.. but I'm not entirely sure. I don't wanna spend $60 on nothing, so PLEASE recommend some sort of site or something that can guarantee I will play ODST the first day it comes out...

    Please, I will love you foreverz and everz.

    <3 ER1C0


    Nightfire New Member

    You could get someone to buy it here and mail it to you for some dollars.

    redearth New Member

    Amazon is totally safe. You should totally go with it. It's one of the few that I say are near flawless. Flaws are just minute things that happen in life.

    ER1C0 Active Member

    Actually, I just looked up Amazon and found out it only ships ODST inside the US.
    So.. I just preordered it and sent it to my grandma (who lives in Wisconsin) so she can send it to me.. but I prbly won't get the game for 5-10 days after the 22nd..

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2009

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