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Discussion in 'Reach Competitive Maps' started by Rorak Kuroda, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Rorak Kuroda

    Rorak Kuroda Up All Night


    Ladies (Ha, who am I kidding, none of you are girls!) and gentlemen, welcome to Opal. This map will blow you away. It will give you an asthma attack. It will give your girlfriend an asthma attack. It will pay for your car insurance. It will save you from a burning building. It will groom your dogs, AND groom your minute amount of facial hair. Be prepared....

    Weapons List:

    Inspirations for this came from everywhere; from other games, from other maps, from paintings, from philosophical concepts, and even from aspects of the human brain itself. Most of its inspirations were filtered out during the forging process, like large, unwieldy stones in a mixture of fine sand. Basically, most of the ideas that originated the map would not work in the realm of Halo, and so they were removed. An early version of the map was composed mostly of stepping stones, to make falling hazards the primary concern of the map. I wanted a map that acted as another player, so that every time you played someone, in reality, you were facing two opponents, two challenges. That can still be said about the map today, but luckily, a medium was found between the traditional and the psychotic.

    To help add to this “playing against the map” environment, I made each power weapon location a challenge in itself. The Sniper sits atop a precarious perch, exposed to nearly everything, and surrounded by a watery grave if you don’t pay close enough attention. Considering the size and open nature of Opal, the Sniper is very coveted, but not often as sought-after as other weapons due to its location. The Grenade Launcher sits at its most useless location, directly in the center of the map, with nothing but open air around it. The Active Camo rests in a room that is normally used for cornering in enemies, where each exit can be watched from a single location. The Custom OS is placed in an isolated cubby, which can be easily naded from many different key points on the map. Essentially, each weapon offers a different challenge, because by attempting to obtain a weapon, you’re giving yourself a disadvantage for a brief moment that your enemy can take advantage of. And more often than not, a brief moment is all it takes.

    But weapons aren’t the only focus of the design. Another aspect that I wanted to emphasize was the split-up in top control. There are two halves to this map, with each half offering different opportunities that the other side may not. Blue Receiver platform is more beneficial for DMR-focused players, offering safety from grenades and ample amounts of cover. The Red Receiver platform and the Sniper platform compose the other half of the height advantage, and are much more exposed. However, this side offers the Sniper, as well as a teleporter that leads directly to Top Blue Receiver. The interactions of the two platforms force movement depending on the weapon spawns, and depending on the type of players. The overall goal was to make a map that felt different each time you played it, which can be hard to find nowadays in 1v1 maps.










    Special Thanks

    Shad0w Viper
    You helped get my mind out of the clouds, and into halo map design. The map never would have reached its current state without your honest advice.

    The amount of testing and feedback, and general time spent helping with the map, is unparalleled by anyone else. Thanks man, you DA BOMB.

    Look at this guy. How can't you love this guy? Without this guy, I wouldn't have had the drive to really make Opal shine. To be part of something greater is the best motivation there is, and my coalition with Ace, along with his advice, was certainly something greater.

    Despite having not beaten me on this map, I hope you enjoyed the countless amounts of tests you made me do on this map. The long nights in which you would just chant "Go again" repeatedly after each game were fun indeed.


    I ask for fancy threads, you give me threads that look as if they were formed by the hands of some sort of demi-god. I ask for them to be finished whenever you feel like it, you finish them almost as quickly as I asked for them. And you've got a big ***** to boot. Thanks man, for everything. Especially the super awesome threads.


    Last edited: Oct 18, 2011

    FlyingshoeILR Active Member

    After seeing all three, all I can say is wow. You have turned my general disdain for current 2 v. 2 or 1 v. 1 maps on Halo into a world of inspiration. I have heard a lot of people talk lately about there being nothing left to make in Reach, and these three maps are my answer to that statement.

    Gameplay, Aesthetics, Originality. This has been my ideal triumvirate of how make a map great for a while now, and Opal, Lux, and Azula define what I mean by this. I think there is a lot to learn from these three.

    Zigywig Member


    This map pack is just flat-out amazing. Hopefully I can get a game on all three whenever there is time, but for now you just got +1DL.
    Rorak Kuroda

    Rorak Kuroda Up All Night

    I'm glad to see that you're starting to be more inclined towards 1v1 and 2v2 maps. They're my personal preference, not only because of how much detail you can put into them, but because of how experimental you can be as well. 1v1s especially. Thank you for the glowing compliments, it's always great to have supporters!

    Let me know how those games go, whenever you play them. I'd love to hear what your thoughts were on this map in specific, since it's probably the most experimental of the entirety of the map pack.
    The Muppet King

    The Muppet King Member

    Took you long enough. I remember this playing a lot like lockout or something like it. This is one the best vertical maps I've ever played. You aren't allowed to release anything under perfection, aren't you? Great map, 1+ DL.

    Noxiw Active Member

    Remember that night when we were both forging independently and then joined a party together? Our conversation was something like this:

    "Yeah, jus' doin' some forgin's, NBD."
    "ORLY? me 2"
    "What's ur map liek?
    "it has like a BILLIONS teleporters. LOL"
    "Me 2!!1"

    And then they turned out to be drastically different?

    ... Anyway, this map is great. Even in the most frustrating 1v1's (due to skill level differences between you and I) I enjoyed that crap out of this map repeatedly. I don't know how much has changed since I last saw this--two months ago--but I'm sure it's as awesome as I remember it.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2011

    Erupt New Member

    I just spend an hour looking through my game history, but I couldn't find it. I distinctly remember beating you on Opal before I beat you on Lux. Just sayin'. Anyways, cool map. Good job.

    Organite Well-Known Member

    Wait... this is just now being posted?
    I coulda swore...

    Anyway, this map offers quite possibly one of the most fun and intense 1v1 experiences ever.
    Well above Sequence in my mind.

    Definitely nominating for Feature/FHF, Brorak.
    Great job man.
    Rho Fs

    Rho Fs 2x2 Forge Judge

    Fond memories on this map.

    I remember these moments distinctly

    -Beating you after having fallen asleep the previous 4v4 custom game, and feeling dead.
    -A few pretty epic top to bottom no scopes
    -Being a camo *****
    -Having a higher win to loss ratio against you.

    Truth is, this is a beautiful map, and I'm glad I was there to watch it evolve. This is a gem, in a sea of crap. I'm glad that some of my suggestions/gameplay has helped to (albeit minorly) change this map. This is one to be remembered.

    EDIT: I think I'm the only person that comes somewhat close to paralleling meta in testing.

    EDIT 2: This is probably one of the more important edits. I didn't notice anyone in the three threads give credit to longshot for the epic graphics. There was a **** load of work that went into these. I hope everyone appreciates that. This was no small photoshop project. Give him some love people.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2011

    xAudienceofone Active Member

    Again, another excellent map. I fell in the water a few times, as did my friend, but it never bothered us, as it was due to our own clumsiness. The map is really nice and worked well splitscreen- dispite some minor lag when you looked down over the bridge from some of the higher locations and vice versa. I felt like there were only a few ways up to the top though, it may just be me, but I would add another path or two up to the top. It's a minor thing, but I thought I might mention it. Spawning was great here and I personally found this layout the most unique. Great work, and I look forward to what's next!

    Oh, also, what exactly to the custom powerups on these maps do?

    FlyingshoeILR Active Member

    It took me a while to warm up playing on Opal, but by the end I was enjoying the layout and gameplay overall. I loved the verticality of the map, which I used frequently to get a 1-up on Duck. The first game he couldn't find me for the first two minutes as I stealthily snuck around behind him, but eventually this gave way to me trying to get in close for the kill. Overall, I enjoyed Opal the most for it's verticality, and I would say this is tied for second of the threw with Azula. Great job guys!

    Blaze Active Member

    Does anyone want to get a few 1 on 1s here later?

    Actually, every single post I believe has it says graphics made by him. :p  Just saying, you must have missed it. Haha

    Psychoduck The guy from those videos

    I rather wish this map had groomed my facial hair, because now I have to shave. I had actually seen Opal under construction a few months ago, and it didn't look particularly impressive then. The aesthetics here are still the weakest of the pack, but there are still some interesting visual facets to the map. It's also worth noting that the look of this map is almost the same as that of The Divide. That's almost beside the point though, as my favorite part of this map was the verticallity. The layout did take a while to get used to, as Shoe said, but once I got the hang of it, it became a lot of fun. It's really the openness and verticallity that sets this apart, just as it is the aesthetics that set Lux apart. The only problem I noticed with the map was that I never found the sniper rifle. i don't remember Shoe picking it up either, and I honestly have absolutely no idea where it spawns. In general this map is a lot of fun, although I think it is my least favorite of the map pack.
    Rho Fs

    Rho Fs 2x2 Forge Judge

    I meant people in the comments appreciating him.
    Rorak Kuroda

    Rorak Kuroda Up All Night

    Nothing's perfect, and Opal certainly isn't. I could point out plenty of issues I'd like to fix one day on this map, but the changes couldn't really be made within the confines of forge, so in the end, I'm happy with the result. Thanks for praise, though. :) 

    Since you saw it, I'm sure the changes have been nothing but improvements. Should you ever find the time to play some casual 1v1s, I'll be ready. Will you?

    Yeah, you beat me on here once. Once on Opal, once on Lux, of the 50+ 1v1s I bet we've played. :) 

    In all honesty, thanks man. You were a big help in the production of this map.

    I'm pretty sure I still have a clip saved from that time that we were playing this map, and I got a cross-map 1-hit kill GL shot while you had camo. The title was "Bop goes the Organite," if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm sincerely glad that you enjoyed the map, despite skill differences. And, FHF + Feature? Doubt it'll happen, but I'm flattered :) 

    That night.... gah. I think the more tired you are, the more clear your mind is, because you never got mad at anything, which meant that your aim and decision making was spot-on. And yes, you are a camo/no-scope *****.

    Thanks a ton, though. You were a big help throughout, and certainly a worthy opponent.

    Meta is definitely the #1 tester of earlier versions of this map, but I forgot that nibbles also had quite a few tests on the later AND earlier versions, bringing him close, if not up to, Meta's game count. Yours would be 3rd, probably, but doesn't quite parallel.

    Yeah, usually when there's a super fancy thread, most comments are about the thread, not the map. I guess I should be appreciative that I'm getting feedback and praise, but I agree, Longshot certainly put a lot of work into this. SPREAD THE LOVE!

    If I could, there are certain areas that I would've changed to add railings, or just larger platforms. In a 1v1 it isn't nearly as essential, but it would still be nice. I myself can fall in quite a bit if I'm not paying attention.

    As for the pathways thing, the area that has the least amount of entrances is Top Snipe, which has the main walkway and a jump-up. The jump is difficult, but the walkway is far more advantageous than sitting on top of the sniper plat, so that usually acts as a counter to anyone sitting up there. Although, sniper plat is so open that people usually move out of there anyways.

    The custom powerup gives you 200% damage resistance for 30 seconds. It's identical to the MLG CP settings. Imagine an over-shield that doesn't have invulnerability, basically.

    It takes most people time to warm up to it, simply because it's a tad overwhelming at first. I know several people that dislike it for aspect almost specifically.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, though. Hopefully the learning curve makes it re-playable, because that's the intent I design my maps with; the ability to be replayed, because new things are uncovered about the layout with each new game.

    I'm not sure how full my/your friends list is, but I'd be happy to play against you on any of the Iridescence maps sometime.

    What Rho said here:

    My map causes beard growth. Play it to become a real man.

    Lux I'd agree is the prettiest, but in terms of aesthetic in general, Opal has my favorite atmosphere. It depends on how you look at it, really. And although I used similar pieces as the Divide used, I'd disagree in saying that the aesthetic is the same. The way the structures are built, and the way textures mesh, is much better here than on the Divide, by far.

    I'm honestly surprised that you never found the sniper. It's sitting on the very edge of that Hang em High-esque platform. I thought that was the most obvious spawn of them all o_O  However, that being said, I'm glad that that was the only issue you came across. Certainly reassures the hours of testing that this map endured.
    timmy ted

    timmy ted New Member

    I love 1v1 maps, as I don't have many friends to play with. Thanks for all three maps they are great.
    iTz Longshot

    iTz Longshot New Member

    Ah, yes, Opal. Isn't this one the oldest out of the bunch? I Remember playing this when I first met you Kuroda. Just reminded me that(idk if its still there) but i pointed out that one of the platforms looked like a *****. I busted up laughing. Great, huge, 1v1 map. Good job Kurbroda.

    CyborgAnthro Member

    This has some great height variation for a smaller map. Also, the tele system is very nice and I also enjoyed the hand 'em high sniper location. There is a tiny bit of fr lag in some long views (and some surprisingly short ones, like looking at colly walls, stupid built-in z-fighting pieces). I think the geodesic ceiling looks cool but if you're looking to reduce the lag, I'd get rid of some of those walls. A few other pieces get excessive: the 2x2 ramps as walkways: I know that's one of your signature things but it makes for a lot of objects (with lights hidden in there as well). I would have thought given the size that this map would be better for 2v2 than 1v1 but I guess teleporters always change that. Very nice map Rorak, looking forward to your next projects.

    MUDNUB New Member

    To be honest having tried this with 1v1 and 2v2 I prefer it as a 1v1, it feels better paced somehow with only two players. 2v2s were fine but felt a little cramped and there were some weird spawns so I would advise playing as intended.

    Did I mention I really love this? Because I do.

    wpcubs New Member

    Looks awsome with the different platforms and bridges. I would like to see more color though...ever thought of opening up the celing.

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