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ODST Easter Eggs

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by iRaynne, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. iRaynne

    iRaynne New Member

    Bungie loves em.
    We love em.

    Found any?

    The only one I found so far was where you shoot the telephone booths where the coin slot is, and dollar bills or coins will come flying out. Its pretty entertaining, and I got some lols.

    Anyone discover anything else?
  2. stickmanmeyhem

    stickmanmeyhem Active Member

    In one section of the "Mombasa Streets" level (The giant sandbox, really...) if you look up in the sky with your VISR on you can see clouds shaped like cortana. There's also various graffiti all over the city with odd remarks such as "Remember Reach" or "UNSC=Liars"
  3. redearth

    redearth New Member

    At the huge effing purple platform in Dutch's first level if you head in the back of it you here a crazy wounded marine. I think he's quoting a movie, but one I've never seen.

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    groups of dead elites
  5. Loscocco

    Loscocco Active Member

    I found an easter egg on Uplift Reserve with a conversation of two Marines (one injured)

    the injured Marine is groaning in fear about the killer zoo animals lmao.
  6. XxSpix

    XxSpix New Member

    IWHBYD skull. I heard one Marine/ODST say "I saw my life flash before my eyes. It sucked..."

    The dead elites are yiffable aren't really an easter egg unless you have really paid attention to the story, or read the books. (The Great Schism)
  7. Belly391

    Belly391 Member

    theres a refererence to bungie at the end of the 1st buck mission outside Dare's pod. him and romeo are stood there and buck says "lets link up to b.net and see if the probes saw anything" or something along those lines
  8. CaptnSTFU

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    Well the dead elites do make more sense of all my bitching of wtf no elites to kill in odst. Apparently the war between the 2 species has started and the brutes already killed them all. Or the majority, im still hoping that maybe some where i will find an injured one or something.
  9. Mace

    Mace Old Tyme

    Rocket lawnchairs on the Costal Highway level.
  10. Ladnil

    Ladnil New Member

    Fixed that for you.
  11. DMM White

    DMM White New Member

    Actually it was saying how it was like a cage and how the situation was ironic. They'd built zoos to go and see animals in cages, but now they're in the zoo and the Covenant has come to see them... and slaughter them.

    I found a dead zebra on Uplift Reserve, it seems to be made of stone though!
  12. Zombievillan

    Zombievillan I don know bout this...

    There is a Horse statue at the end of the level with the Deja vu achievment, and Bungie actually put in his balls. 2 really big Easter eggs there.
  13. Scobra

    Scobra New Member

    B.net = Battlenet.
  14. Glitch100

    Glitch100 New Member

    Correct; However it could have double meaning, like why not just say battlenet; but if they say b.net it could be referring to both ;) 
  15. GameVenator

    GameVenator New Member

    On the last level when the massive ship is shooting down the super laser beam, i think it's Buck who makes a reach reference.
    SOmething like .. "It's like reach all over again."
  16. CaptnSTFU

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    Yeah buck says "its like reach all over again" dare says "we survived reach we will survive this" or something along those lines. Also Dare keeps referring to Romeo, Dutch, Micky as replacements, and going along with that reach reference, i think its safe to says Dare, Buck and some other people were on reach when it fell and only Dare and Buck survived, and the other guys are Bucks new team.

    So will you see Dare, Buck in halo Reach???
  17. Scobra

    Scobra New Member

    Maybe it's just simpler and faster to say bnet than battlenet? I highly doubt it's meant to be taken as a double meaning.

    Bungie hinted that Buck might be in Reach. They didn't say anything about Dare but I wouldn't doubt her taking part in it.
  18. CaptnSTFU

    CaptnSTFU New Member

    Well Dare is an ONI Spook so she should be their, ONI had a big headquarters on military development on Reach, i mean that was Dr. Hasely's base after all. Well after the world they trained on (or was that reach i don't remember) all i know is that Reach was basically the MC's home, its where the Spartan II base of operations was.
  19. Kidbomber

    Kidbomber New Member

  20. Scobra

    Scobra New Member

    Yeah, ONI CASTLE Base was located on Reach and the Forerunner Crystal that the Covenant was trying to find was located beneath it. So it would make sense if Dare was there during the battle.

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