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Objective Based Items Basics

Discussion in 'Forge Discussion' started by TrueDarkFusion, Dec 4, 2007.

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    TrueDarkFusion New Member

    Forging 101: Objective Based Items Basics

    As requested, I present you with a Forging 101 that addresses objective based items.

    The first thing one needs to know when concerning objective based items is that you must first switch the gametype in forge to place them. To do this you must press start when in monitor mode and click select gametype and change to the desired gametype. Once the round restarts in the desired game mode you are ready to begin.

    Now when you open up the forge menu scroll through all the options until you arrive at "Objective based." In the case of CTF and Assault you will have the option of score and spawn points for the flags and bombs. The score point is obviously where you must take the object to win the round, and the spawn point is where the object spawns at the beginning of the round. Once the objects are placed where you would like them on the map you must edit the specific options for each item. Select one of the items and you may now change which team the object will be assigned to. On symmetrical based maps make sure that you include a set of both objective spawn points and score points.

    Also note on the other various gametypes that Halo 3 features there is an assortment of other objective based items. The most prominent of which being territories, hills, and escort points. In the King of the Hill gametype you have the option to change the shape of the hill between a box and a cylinder, along with the option to change the dimensions of the hill to either increase or decrease its size. In Territories you have the option to place a variety of territories around the map which would be used to capture in a team based territory game. In VIP players have the option of creating various escort points. In forge you have the option of placing these escort points throughout your map to which players may have When placing an escort point you have the option of determining its size just as the hill does.

    In later Forging 101's we will discuss more advance techniques when concerning objective based items.
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    Lance001 New Member

    Perhaps stupid, but as I have not really touched much on objective game types (my preference being slayer and infection), can you make an objective item (such as a flag) spawn sometime after the game starts?

    I feel like that could make for some amazing scenarios that otherwise could never happen.

    Wakko45 New Member

    I don't think you can (I may be wrong) but you can however block access to the objective (flag, bomb) until say fusion coils "unblock" the path in some manner.

    Sagan New Member

    It's probably a good idea to mention at this point that Assault and CTF do not seem to support more than 2 teams.....despite offering the option to assign flags, Flag Bases and Bomb Plant Points to them.

    If anyone knows more about this, I'd like to know.....as it make no sense.

    AZN FTW New Member

    It does actually... except for assault, which I believe is 2 teams regardless...

    But I know it works for Multi-Flag, cuz the AZN Cottages allow multi-flag... you need 1 flag for each team... and 1 flag return point for each team... neutral doesn't appear to do anything for flags... and if I'm correct CTF only allows a max of 4 teams...

    Lance001 New Member

    How thoroughly disappointing...a late spawn on an objective item could open up huge amounts of new and innovative ideas. My hopes are crushed.

    Has anyone made a decent four-team CTF yet? I'm achin' for one...

    AZN FTW New Member

    Just wait for ACMP1... it includes the following gametypes:

    - Infection
    - Multi-Flag
    - Single-Flag
    - KOTH
    - Territories
    - One-sided Territories

    More gametypes will come in later ACMPs... I have good ideas for VIP, Juggernaut, oddball, etc... and of course other unique Infections, Flags, etc... all with different rulings. I keep telling people... ACMPs will be a revolution. Everything will be compatible. They have been made to act like regular bungie maps...where you can mix and match gametypes with maps, and you can make gametypes for the maps, and maps for the gametypes...

    Lance001 New Member

    Whoop, whoop! ACMP1 can't get here soon enough...kinda like Christmas or Foundry. Fly, time, fly!

    AZN FTW New Member

    For an english major guy... you suck with words that sound the same but are spelled and mean different... hear -> here


    MasterWizard New Member

    Could someone please elaborate on the V.I.P. and Juggernaut objectives? What exactly is a "Go To Point" and how does it affect the game? I rarely play V.I.P. and/or Juggernaut, but when I do, I've never noticed any need to "Go To" anywhere, just that you're either the V.I.P./Juggernaut, or you're trying to kill him. Is it basically just where the V.I.P./Juggernaut spawns? What does changing the radius do?

    AZN FTW New Member

    Imagine those points as checkpoints in a race. Go To Points HAVE to be turned on in the gametype. Most of the default VIP and Juggernaut gametypes don't have it turned on. And the radius makes the checkpoint area bigger. If you touch any edge of the checkpoint then you have effectively reached it.
    a dumb cat

    a dumb cat New Member

    I have a question regarding spawn areas:

    I was setting up one of my maps for CTF, and wanted to set up spawn areas for "flag away" and "flag home" but also noticed the more ambiguous "Respawn Area" that was not associated with either of the flag statuses.

    I understand what the flag home/away spawn areas are for, but that leaves me with this question: If both flag statuses are covered by these first two spawn areas, where does that leave this generic respawn area? What is its purpose?

    My only guess is that it would be for One-Flag games. Can anyone confirm this or reply with any other purposes for this object?

    Thank you!

    --dumb cat

    AZN FTW New Member

    Flag Away and Flag Home areas have priority over respawn areas in CTF. If any of those are being "camped" then you will spawn at the next highest priority area.
    a dumb cat

    a dumb cat New Member

    Update: I confirmed my guess by tinkering with the built in map features on Bungies original maps.

    The "generic" respawn area is indeed for one-flag games, and is exclusively for attacking teams. I'll explain: since a one-flag game has, well, one-flag, the "flag home/away" spawn area for the attacking team will not be active. Therefore, you need to put at least one of the generic respawn areas for the attacking team. Bungie, for example, placed one respawn area for the attacking team on ONE-HALF of the entire map. They wanted the attackers to always spawn on their side of the map, and never any closer.

    Sorry AZN, but your answer was a little off. As far as priority goes, you can add another "flag home/away" respawn area if you wanted to set priority spawning (for camping enemies). This would entail multiple smaller spawn areas, but is very effective when done correctly.

    Thanks AZN for helping me answer the question and shedding light on another aspect.


    ImI METAL ImI New Member

    Whenever I try to make place objective spawn points and return points, the standard ones that are orignally placed when you select an objective gametype appear on the my custom map when I play a custom objective game on it. I go back into forge and delete those standard objective spawn points. I thought that would fix my problem, but still whenever I play a custom game, the standard objective spawn points are still there. I save everytime after deleting, but they still come back. How is this possible?!?!
    Last edited: May 24, 2008

    OddWorld17 New Member

    thanxz for the help [​IMG]
    Phantom Bowser

    Phantom Bowser New Member

    NIce post. i get realy creative with my objective forged maps. like in avalanch i make the bomb spawn on the wall of the cavern and sometimes i make flags spaws on cielings so u have to jump or leap off of another object. its awsome!

    Supreme321 New Member

    Must be hard to build but, that may turn the map so it's realy good in the end- good sugestion.

    TeapotKing New Member

    I had a go at making a free-for-all 4 player CTF map, but I failed. i'm gonna try again when i've finished my current map though.

    Asthetik New Member

    I cant seem to delete the other flag Spawns and Captures for One flag. And what does Flag Home/Flag Away Mean...it looks like a spawn area.

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