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Novice Forger Here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kiroy Wolf, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Kiroy Wolf

    Kiroy Wolf New Member

    Hello to the forge and halo community! I'm familiar with forge but I'm not very good with it. Not even too good at halo in general haha. But I still love it and can't wait for halo 4. None of my Xbox live friends have Reach or don't want to do custom games do if anyone wants to add my gamer tag then I would be happy to join a custom game or forging. (I like infection, invasion, and competitive maps the most and race tracks next) but my gold ends this month so bear with me on joining when it goes back to silver until I get it back. Well guess that's all I can think of now and any questions or whatever then guess you know what to do. Hope I can get the hang of halo lol
  2. FrozenGoathead

    FrozenGoathead all i want is a CT that says mullosc

    How's it going!
    Put 'er there!
    Names FrozenGoathead.

    Check out TGIF on Fridays to play tons of Custom Games.
  3. Berb

    Berb Active Member

    Hi Kiroy, i'm Berb. Welcome to ForgeHub!
  4. Kiroy Wolf

    Kiroy Wolf New Member

    Ey guys! And a gamertag TGIF?

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