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Discussion in 'Halo 3 Race Maps' started by whomikehess, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. whomikehess

    whomikehess New Member

    I designed and made this course myself. Good for 2-8 people. Its fast and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!
  2. MVM

    MVM New Member

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  3. Kyler

    Kyler New Member

    You need screenshots, a detailed description, and a download link. You have 24 hours until this thread is locked. Here are some tutorials on embedding screenshots.

    For the download link:
    1. Go to Bungie.net
    2. Search yourself
    3. Go to your file share
    4. Take the URL of your map
    5. Copy/paste it here

    Good luck Broski.
    Oh, and welcome to Forge Hub.
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  4. Hat

    Hat Guest

    Post a link to the rules or else all you're doing is just spamming.

    Rules Change this post or it will be locked.
  5. iTz Kneecap eH

    iTz Kneecap eH New Member

    I'm sorry but really? You say it's a fun map meant for 2-8 people, then don't add pictures or a download link? That makes no sense, this website isn't about explaining you're map in a sentence then people saying good things about it.
    I actually would like to know what you were thinking when you posted this without a link, you even said "enjoy". How are people supposed to enjoy a map that they can't even download.

    Don't post a map unless you know how to properly post it, and you follow the rules.
  6. Jo351

    Jo351 Member

    Welcome to ForgeHub,
    You need to add pictures. Use Halo 3 to take the picture, find it on B.net, and upload it to a photo sharing site to embed the pictures.
    You need a description of the map, some highlights or a background story(not: this map is soooo cool download now!!!!1!!)
    And this Download Link NOS

    and player count and recommended gametype are a good idea.

    Thanks and see you in Reach!

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