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MW2 Weapons & Unlock Levels

Discussion in 'Other Gaming' started by Wood Wonk, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Wood Wonk

    Wood Wonk Active Member

    Primary Weapons

    Assault Rifles

    • M4A1 (default)
    • FAMAS (lvl 4)
    • SCAR-H (lvl 8)
    • TAR-21 (lvl 20)
    • FAL (lvl 28)
    • M16A4 (lvl 40)
    • ACR (lvl 48)
    • F2000 (lvl 60)
    • AK-47 (lvl 70)
    Sub-Machine Guns

    • MP5K (default)
    • UMP45 (default)
    • Vector (lvl 12)
    • P90 (lvl 24)
    • Mini-Uzi (lvl 44)
    Light Machine Guns

    • L86 LSW (beginning)
    • RPD (beginning)
    • MG4 (lvl 16)
    • AUG HBAR (lvl 32)
    • M240 (lvl 52)
    Sniper Rifles

    • Intervention (beginning)
    • Barret .50cal (beginning)
    • WA2000 (lvl 36)
    • M21EBR (lvl 56)
    Riot Shield (default)

    Secondary Weapons

    Machine Pistols

    • PP2000 (default)
    • G18 (lvl 22)
    • M93 Raffica (lvl 38)
    • TMP (lvl 58)

    • SPAS-12 (default)
    • AA-12 (lvl 18)
    • Striker (lvl 34)
    • Ranger (lvl 42)
    • M1014 (lvl 54)
    • Model 1887 (lvl 67)

    • USP .45 (default)
    • .44 Magnum (lvl 26)
    • M9 (lvl 46)
    • Desert Eagle (lvl 62)

    • AT4-HS (default)
    • Thumper x 2 (lvl 14)
    • Stinger (lvl 30)
    • Javelin (lvl 50)
    • RPG-7 x 2 (lvl 65)

    • Frag (default)
    • Semtex (default)
    • Throwing Knife (lvl 7)
    • Tactical Insertion (lvl 11)
    • Blast Shield (lvl 19)
    • Claymore (lvl 31)
    • C4 (lvl 43)

    • Grenade Launcher
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Silencer
    • ACOG Scope
    • FMJ
    • Shotgun
    • Holographic Sight
    • Heartbeat Sensor
    • Thermal
    • Extended Mag
    Special Grenades

    • Flash Grenade x 2
    • Stun Grenade x 2
    • Smoke Grenade x 1


    Perk 1

    • » Perks page
    • Marathon (default)
    • Sleight of Hand (default)
    • Scavenger (lvl 13)
    • Bling (lvl 21)
    • One Man Army (lvl 45)
    Perk 2

    • » Perks page
    • Stopping Power (default)
    • Lightweight (default)
    • Hardline (lvl 9)
    • Cold Blooded (lvl 25)
    • Danger Close (lvl 33)
    Perk 3

    • » Perks page
    • Steady Aim (default)
    • Scrambler (lvl 17)
    • Ninja (lvl 29)
    • SitRep (lvl 37)
    • Last Stand (lvl 41)

    • Desert
    • Artic
    • Woodland
    • Digital
    • Urban
    • Blue Tiger
    • Red Tiger
    • Fall

    From modernwarfare247.com theres also a walkthrough video on that page.

    Some of them seem a bit odd to me. AK at lvl 70? RPG at 65? Mini Uzi at 44? I don't know, those just seem... out of place.
  2. SRC48

    SRC48 New Member

    I know right? I guess we'll get used to it, but I wonder if there are guns that aren't shown yet that you unlock through prestige, and the same for perks, callsign stuff, etc... Because there aren't an awful lot of perks, and some types of weapons seem limited to a few guns.
  3. Wood Wonk

    Wood Wonk Active Member

    Yeah but i guess i trust IW. im sure they tested and retested and made every as balanced and fun as they possibly could. so all that must be for a reason.
  4. SRC48

    SRC48 New Member

    Ya, I love how they made martyrdom a death perk now, that makes the game amazing now haha... I hated that perk!
  5. Raw King07

    Raw King07 New Member

    I'm more curious as to why C4 is the final equipment unlock.

    Also curious as to what one man army perk is.

    Also, **** YEAH ONE MORE WEEK.
  6. Gr4phix

    Gr4phix Member

    I can kind of agree the AK47 move, it is such a beast gun but at level 70? I think it's a bit too high. I can't wait for the SCAR-H though, SUCH a sick ass gun.
  7. SargeantSarcasm

    SargeantSarcasm Elephant Memory + Cntrl F



    im getting teary...that was my M1 Garand substitute from the switch from CoD2 to 4...whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. Willmatic

    Willmatic New Member

    I wanna know what final stand and one man army. The ak 47 and 74 are both my favorite weapons, Level 70 is a bit high and I'm going to miss my ak 74... Such a great gun. Too bad for the 4 snipers, I was expecting more snipers, as long as they are all different have at least one bolt action
  9. Torkzor

    Torkzor New Member

    One Man Army just sounds like the new noob-spammed perk (to replace juggernaut). Lose your secondary to gain the ability to change your class at any time? crazy. Well, actually i'm not sure how that would work. Because after you change class, wouldn't you have a different perk? Unless you set up all your classes with One Man Army, which just seems like a waste.
  10. Telrad

    Telrad New Member

    Didn't they announce that perks improve? Like after a while your sleight of hand gets you sleight of hand+

    Maybe they do the same with guns. It's possible it could be linked with challenges.

    Yes, and then you can't change back. Think about it.
  11. DimmestBread

    DimmestBread New Member

    I'm pretty sure one man army is you can switch your class in the middle of the game without dying or something like that.
  12. QKT

    QKT New Member

    ah the ak-47 is now a level 70 gun
    thank god.
    ive had enough of that gun being whored
  13. Spawn of Saltine

    Spawn of Saltine Active Member

    do the camos include the final camo? If so, which one is replacing gold? I'm curious cause I love going for the camos.
  14. Shatakai

    Shatakai New Member

    I feel your pain...

    But overall looking good, especially the perks.
  15. SRC48

    SRC48 New Member

    Guys, I almost guarantee(well, don't quote me on it) that you can unlock even more guns, perks, etc... after prestiging., IW even stated somewhere(soz, no source :(  unless i find it) that prestiging has more benefits than a different level emblem... I bet some guns and perks and other crap are thrown in the mix...
  16. Wood Wonk

    Wood Wonk Active Member

    i dont know if its just me, but i literally cannot remember one time when i got killed by an AK 47. Nobody seems to use it in the games i play.
    yeah i have pretty good feeling that isnt absolutely complete.

    BASED GOD New Member

    The Dragunov and AUG are missing from that list.
  18. Wood Wonk

    Wood Wonk Active Member

    AUG is there, in LMGs.
    drag is not in multiplayer.
  19. J4M NUTST3R

    J4M NUTST3R New Member

    Each perk has a 'pro' version where the perk is improved. Such as Stopping power where more damage is inflicted on enemy's, stopping power pro inflicts more damage on enemy's and vehicles, such as if you were to shoot at a heli with your primary, it would take it down faster. Or Bling, which gives you two attachments, bling pro gives you two attachments on your primary and secondary.
  20. Ac3Snip3r

    Ac3Snip3r New Member

    One of my best weapons too.(No scopin' pros :D )
    And what's the highest level now? Level 70? Left4dead is distracting me way too much...

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