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Merging Movable Objects With Map Geometry

Discussion in 'Forge Discussion' started by Iv0rY Snak3, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Iv0rY Snak3

    Iv0rY Snak3 New Member

    Forging 101: Merging Movable Objects with Map Geometry

    It is widely known that forgers are able to merge immovable objects into map geometry through the manipulation of doors and other objects with sinking properties. however, Forge Hub member Hoff has found a way to merge movable objects with map geometry, allowing for all kinds of new shapes and objects to be used in maps.

    In order to merge a movable object into the geometry, you must first merge an immovable object under the geometry to set the movable object on. Note that in some spots of some maps, particularly the "center line" on Foundry, you can skip this, and simply merge the object and allow it to sit on additional geometry pieces outside the map.

    To get the immovable support object under the map, the best techniques are:

    With regard to the door method for lowering the wall, here are the steps:

    • Place the wall (I used a double wall so I had more space to put the final object on) and surround it by guides - other walls work best.

    • Place doors upright into the top surface of the wall, so that they are upright but resting on their longest side. Doors interlock with other objects when they are being placed, they interlock the most on the edge with the little round handle bit on the door, so use this side. I used 4 doors all along the wall so that I could grab the wall right in the middle.

    • Grab the wall - it will sink underneath the ground, pushed by the doors, then you just save the game, quit, restart it and follow the next steps.

    Getting Under the Level

    1. Spawn a double box

    2. Set the box to spawn 30 seconds into the game

    3. Start a new round

    4. Stand (in player mode) directly above the spawn marker for the box (the teardrop)

    5.Wait, and try not to move

    6. When the box spawns, wiggle the thumbstick left to right fast, forcing you underneath the level.


    7. Once underneath the level, turn into a monitor

    Before merging with the map takes place you must first go underneath the level, and grab the wall you pushed under and move it. Move it how far you want the object to be merged. After that follow the following steps.

    1. Spawn another box on the same side of the map that you will be pushed underneath.

    * THIS IS IMPORTANT* If you don't spawn it on the same side as the box that pushes you under, you will not be able to see it later.

    -It's also important to have this box above the wall that you pushed under earlier-

    2. Set this box to spawn around 180 seconds into the game.

    3. Start a new round.

    4. Spawn the object you which to merge on the tear drop of the 'pushing double box'.

    5. Go underneath the level, See above tutorial.

    6. Go underneath the 'pushing box' and spawn it.

    7. Wait for the object to fall underneath the level and grab it.

    8. It should be on your wall.

    9. Turn into player mode, this should bring you to the surface.

    10. Delete the pushing box.

    You should now have your object merged with the ground.

    You can push vehicles underneath as well, but they will not be operable. You can see everything on the map while your under the map. Also note that some objects are harder to keep under than others. Barriers, Trucks, and Forklifts are some examples of objects that are a challenge to merge.





    Download Merging Movable Objects Example Map


    Tutorial by NINJA

    While working on a map recently I used the merging objects with map geometry technique and it turned out pretty good but I decided to make my own on grav lifts that isn't as long and has pictures. so without further wait here it is.

    Step 1: place an object that the grav lift will be resting on under the map. Note: If you plan on placing multiple gravlifts close together i suggest using a bridge as it takes up less budget.


    Step 2: you will place doors on top of the 'resting object' with the top of the door facing the ground.


    Step 3: while floating directly above the 'resting object', grab it. It should sinkunder the ground. DO NOT move at this point.


    Step 4: Save and quit and start the game again.

    Step 5: Using the doors as a guide place the grav lift directly above the 'resting object' and set it to spawn 45 seconds into the game. Now delete the doors and start a new round.


    Step 6: Place a single box over the grav lift spawning node (teardrop) and also place a double box to spawn 30 seconds into the game and start a new round.


    Step 7: stand directly on top of the spawning node for the double box and DO NOT MOVE.


    Once the box has spawned move back and forth until you fall under the level then quickly turn into a monitor.


    Step 8: Once the grav lift spawns grab it under the level and place it on the 'resting object' where you would like it.
    Note: this step is critical otherwise your grav lift will spawn above the ground.


    And there you have it indesructible grav lift. Trust me when i say idestructible. i shot at it with every explosive weapon in the game, including the wraith.

    Hope this is helpful and enjoy.
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    Sheogorath New Member

    Thank you for finally putting this in forging 101 ivory............FIRST POST111111111 sorry had to be a noob there anyway.....I am pretty sure this technique will prove to make some very interesting maps I can only wait too see what people will come up with once again thanks for putting this in forging 101 and well thxkbye.
    Metallic Snake

    Metallic Snake New Member

    i think i asked this question once, but i didnt read an answer. are the movable objects movable, or are they stable? like solids?
    Iv0rY Snak3

    Iv0rY Snak3 New Member

    The majority of the objects will remain stable. some will move around when touched though.
    Mr Pokephile

    Mr Pokephile Staff

    I am using this technique in my new map comming out soon. I use the grav lifts for a lift. It was tricky to get them. but then again all things in forge are tricky the first time around.

    dargie1 New Member

    kool, ive been waiting for this tut for ages
    Metallic Snake

    Metallic Snake New Member

    do they move around at the same rate? like if a barrel would fall over, would it go through the map, or phase up through it? i dont know maybe my questions are too complicated. but you have my attention
    Iv0rY Snak3

    Iv0rY Snak3 New Member

    Most objects would be held in place by the geometry, as far as i know.
    Metallic Snake

    Metallic Snake New Member

    i see. the geometry pushes it down hard, but the walls push it in place harder, i see it. oh yea did i mention this is revolutionary? nice post and thanks for stayin with me for the q and a.

    Pegasi Active Member

    Glad to see the 101 on this done, I thought it was pretty cool when Hoff pointed it out, and hope it becomes a technique that people find useful. I can see the submerged grav lifts being one of the most useable applications straight away, but I'm sure more new and interesting uses will come with time.
    Nice 101 Iv0rY.
    Gollygeeanelite likes this.

    Linubidix New Member

    yep, I just knew this'd make it onto the front page.
    It is a revolutionary addition the techniques already available.
    Ak Gumby

    Ak Gumby New Member

    This is a great tut, I am glad it has been added to Forging 101. I still need to use this technique in some of the maps I am making now though. Hoff has made a excellent discovery in forging.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2008

    buddhacrane New Member

    Yep this will have a number of handy applications, the grav lift thing being one of the most obvious.

    Now we can get cones at just the right height we always dreamed of! (Or was that just me?)
    Debo37 likes this.

    Cleaverkurd New Member

    i got a question, are they making a video for this?

    SamuraiChameleon New Member

    A video would be nice. I don't know about the rest of you, but it sounds very confusing.

    Z4ckf377 New Member

    whenever i do the thing for the double box, i go under the level and instantly die
    EDIT: i didnt die finally, and basically did a "vacation" around the outside of foundry. its just an ocean
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2008

    halo00178 New Member

    this forging method is a great new adition but i think it will only work for show and nothing praticle for the map.
    GD27 BlueDevil

    GD27 BlueDevil New Member

    Can you add pics while you are in the process of merging with the ground? I am a little confused. I guess I'll ask Bl00d F1r3

    M.Jelleh New Member

    Someone really needs to make a video tutorial on this because I tried it and was so confused at the end. PLZ HELP

    soccerholic1816 New Member

    His name is Hoff, not Hoth, lol.

    Anyways, I really can't see this being used all that much, cause it doesn't do anything special. The only object that will really change is the grav-lift, since you can now make it weaker.

    Its still a great discovery though.

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