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Looking for some for Endure

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by HLG FlashPoint, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. HLG FlashPoint

    HLG FlashPoint New Member

    Hey i havent been on forgehub for a while and was wondering if anyone would like to the vidmaster endure. Send me a friend request with a message. My gt is IxFlashPointxI
  2. KsqueaK

    KsqueaK New Member

    i can help you get it if you need, im also trying to help my friend get it so thats just another person.
  3. 07WRX

    07WRX New Member

    If you guys are online around 3pm Mountain on the weekdays or really late Friday Saturday night I'll be happy to join in.
  4. PwnCakes

    PwnCakes New Member

    Id be up for endure, aslong as tehres no lag -.- ill add you;

    my gt is: OP l PwnCakes l
  5. 07WRX

    07WRX New Member

    If anyone is going to bother trying this with me, dont quit when we get to the fourth friggin set, or I may just find you and ring your neck :mad: 

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