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Knockoff Arena

Discussion in 'Reach Mini Game Maps' started by K2pwnz0r, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. K2pwnz0r

    K2pwnz0r New Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    4 Minuites. 4 Terraces. 4 Rounds. 4 Knockoffs
    The components of the new release of Knockoff Arena!

    Zombie Traits:

    Most people in the game will spawn as a Zombie. Your job is to survive for 4 Minuites until you kill the human.

    Zombies are quite slow, even with sprint. This helps them due to the fact that they will be shot at constantly by the human. Their slow speed helps balance their high gravity in order that the Concussion rifle shots will not be unfair. This ALSO prevents zombies from going airborn. Zombies spawn all over the first Terrace. Every minuite, a new terrace will spawn and the zombies have a closer chance to the human. HOWEVER, the closer you are to the human, the more dangerous it can be as it is not as hard for the human to aim. Not only do you need skill, but teamwork as well to surround the human into getting one zombie at a time, and not all at once.

    Once the Zombies reach the Fourth terrace, the human has nowhere to run and will get killed, and possibly teabagged by numerous people. This is the "relief zone" as when the fourth terrace spawns, the human knows it's game over.

    Zombie Stats:
    Colour: Black
    Weapon: Energy Sword (Unlimited ammo), No grenades.
    Health: Invincible (Death only by knock off the map)
    Equipment: Sprint (Unlimited usage)
    Speed: 75%
    Jump Height: None
    Player Gravity: 200%
    Waypoint: Visible to everyone
    Damage: 1 Hit Kill

    Human Traits:

    Goal: Kill every zombie. HOWEVER, you can only do it by knocking them off the map.

    Stats: The human is alone with only its trusty companion, its concussion rifle. It stands alone in a pillar until all of the zombies are obliterated. It cannot move or jump, but it has a full 360 degree vision around. Although zombies may use teamwork to kill the human, all it takes is a few precise, strategized shots in order to pluck off one zombie at a time. They must kill all zombies before they reach the last terrace; Your pillar.

    After all the zombies are dead, the human is the last man standing, forcing the round to end. This gives someone else a chance to be the human, or get lucky getting it again. Usually (Depending on the number of zombies), the human will triumph if it knows how to place well fired concussion shots, and getting easy kills from zombies that run in only one direction (Regardless of just standing, being Away from Controller.) Although the human may deal no damage, it can still knock away enemies even with lacking all damage.

    Human Stats:
    Colour: Red
    Weapon: Concussion Rifle (Needs to be reloaded)
    Health: 10% (No chance of energy sword survival)
    Equipment: None
    Speed: 0%
    Jump Height: 0%
    Player Gravity: Unchanged
    Waypoint: Visible to Everyone
    Damage: 0%

    There are Four terraces. The first one is where all the zombies spawn, being quite far from the pillar. The second one is very close to the first, being slightly closer to the human. The third terrace is literally in front of the pillar, and the fourth terrace spawns gravity lifts that lift the zombie to the human.


    >AVOID THESE FAULTS< (Ones in stars are very dangerous)
    -The human can kill himself by Concussion Rifl-ing the floor*
    -The round will NOT END if the human is dead without getting killed*
    -The human will occasionally die for no reason if someone joins an in-game session
    -Zombies tend to stay in groups
    -Zombies tend to run in one direction, without stopping. (CCW, or CW)
    -People tend to invite people in-game.
    -Zombies try to act tough by standing in one spots, dodging all of the bullets.

    Gameplay Screenshots:
  2. Crimson Phoenix

    Crimson Phoenix New Member

    Feb 9, 2012
    I wish there was more to the map. But I do like the layers at a delayed respond time, those ideas are great for different arenas for a paintball tournament map
  3. K2pwnz0r

    K2pwnz0r New Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    What else would I put in the map?
    It's simple, has aesthetics, and gets the job done.
  4. Sir Zombie

    Sir Zombie New Member

    Feb 25, 2012
    Wait, where are these "aesthetics" you speak of?
  5. K2pwnz0r

    K2pwnz0r New Member

    Apr 20, 2011
    The map is perfectly symmetrical, and looks like a crosshair from bird's eye view.
    Nonetheless, aesthetics are not necessary for this map as it is very small

    HI IM CAPS LOCK New Member

    Dec 6, 2010
    In all fairness aesthetics are not necessary for any maps, it's just a nice thing to have. And something that you can't see in game isn't aesthetically pleasing, so the whole "crosshairs" thing kind of falls apart. Anyways, the map was pretty fun and I liked the spawning layers. Again, some aesthetics would be nice as it's pretty plain looking as is. Overall, it's a good map.
  7. PA1NTS

    PA1NTS Video Team Senior Member Forge Critic

    Nov 7, 2011
    4 minutes seems like a long time to survive. how often do zombies make it to the human? anyway, cool concept. you should make something to add to the game. idk. maybe a custom powerup that the zombies pick up to superjump to the human.
  8. oomishday3

    oomishday3 New Member

    Feb 4, 2012
    I do like the idea of this map, I see I PAINTS I 's concern that 4 minutes could be too long but I haven't tested it so I can imagine that it works just fine especially if you have a lot of people.

    I wish you had made some cool aesthetics around the side, even something as simple as putting it inside that looks like a grifball arena would be cool! Good job on the map, good job on the idea!

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