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Just my Luck

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by EmoStreet, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. EmoStreet

    EmoStreet New Member

    I saved up my money and in 2 weeks i got £30 enough for odst out of asda then one day later I lose my jacket at school and mum is making me spend my money on a jacket if i cann't find it!

    i have looked every where its now where in sight. My last 2 attempes are ask the janitor and see if the bus driver has it.

    if i don't get this i don't know what i will do :eek: mg:
  2. DMM White

    DMM White New Member

    Well obviously it'll teach you to be more careful with your stuff.

    Other than, none of us can really help you. Its the real world, there aren't YouTube videos explaining how to find hidden items! :lol:
  3. SmokinWaffle

    SmokinWaffle New Member

    Cool story bro, check your schools lost and found, or just goto a cheap/charity shop, you'd be suprised what you can get there.
  4. Plan B

    Plan B New Member

    Go to the lost and found.

    Or beg your parents to buy the game for you.
  5. Duckyz

    Duckyz New Member

    Be Cold

    or you could try L&F, the yanitor or even charity shops like oxfam (i think)
    and was it a blazer cuz those are bitches...
  6. RedNeck

    RedNeck Active Member

    I feel sorry for you. :(  After saving $70 for ODST my mother offered to buy it for me. I'd send you my money, but I think Ima use it for Modern Warfare 2. :) 
  7. Whisper

    Whisper New Member

    Jackets are for women. Real men don't get cold.
  8. EmoStreet

    EmoStreet New Member

    Guess what i know where my jacket is and it about 10 miles from my school :) 

    My maths teacher told me she might get it over the weekend how nice :) 
  9. EpicFishFingers

    EpicFishFingers Active Member

    Cool story bro. I love how the word "Halo" wasn't even mentioned in any posts except this one :) 
  10. RaVNzCRoFT

    RaVNzCRoFT New Member

    ...the **** cares?
  11. FSC Nightmare

    FSC Nightmare New Member

    Solution: Borrow your friends jacket and say that it is yours, or buy the cheapest jacket and ask someone to borrow money, and tell them you will pay them back with interest.

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