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Interlocking Objects

Discussion in 'Forge Discussion' started by TrueDarkFusion, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. TrueDarkFusion

    TrueDarkFusion New Member

    Forging 101: Interlocking Objects

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei2bKwtYc9c"]YouTube- ForgeHub VT #9: Interlocking Objects and Advanced Floating[/ame]

    Don't you hate when you are trying to make a floor or wall and when you get to the end you find that the last piece won't fit? You don't want to make the floor uneven, so what do you do? This is where Interlocking Objects come in. Interlocking objects is when two objects spawn overlapping each other, so there is no gap or bump. There are two different ways to do it, depending on what map you use it on.

    When you are not using any of the new maps, here is what you do: First spawn one of the objects you want to interlock. Then move it from its original position without picking it up (so either drive it away if it's a vehicle or hit it with another object). Then simply place the second object where you want, and when the round starts they will be intersecting each other. (The APC Hog was created this way.)

    The second way is for the DLC maps, though it also works with the old maps. The reason this applies to the new maps is the new maps have immovable objects, so they are impossible to knock to the side. You begin by spawning the first object that will be interlocked. Then you press X on the object and set Place on Start: to No. Once that is completed, start a new round. The first object should not be there. If it is, make sure you do not have that object set to instant respawn (where the Runtime Minimum is the highest it can be); if it then then set the runtime minimum to 0 and start the round again. Now place the second object where you want it. If the first object spawns before you can place the second object, then lengthen the first object's respawn time. Once you place the second object you can reset the first object settings so that it spawns when the game starts. You can either wait for the first object to spawn and then change it (by pressing X on it) or set the Runtime Minimum for that object to the highest it can be and the object will spawn.

    A special thank you goes out to Vodoo for writing this article


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  2. Wakko45

    Wakko45 New Member

    Holy crap...I never would have thought of this. This can make so many things, so many ideas!
  3. Soggydoughnuts

    Soggydoughnuts New Member

    This will actually help me a lot with the map I am making right now...

  4. Coolant

    Coolant New Member

    A whole 'nother way to make objects smoother.. Thanks for the info!
  5. Killer678

    Killer678 New Member

  6. o Forge Freak o

    o Forge Freak o New Member

    Teehee this is from sniper pit. :p  But... usually when this happens on Last Resort with containers... it's bad. Lol. They usually hump around for a bit then get mad and like get shot off in the distance...
  7. Coolant

    Coolant New Member

    I had a whole mess of containers in one area on Last Resort once. One by one they would despawn in a plasma grenade flash, and respawn in a different place. It actually looked really cool.
  8. voodoo

    voodoo New Member

    Sick, thanks for posting it. Its also useful when working with man-cannons and gravity lifts since they tend to blow everything away.
  9. jake2k3

    jake2k3 New Member

    Cool, never thought of this. I thought they would just overload each other or do something like the LR containers.
  10. NicNac02

    NicNac02 New Member

    ... i love you
  11. Rejecting You

    Rejecting You New Member

    Get. A. Room.

    EDIT: Stop. Spamming. The. Boards. Or. Else. -Lance
  12. TheYavimayan

    TheYavimayan New Member

    Both of these are called "spam", but yes this is a very useful technique that I did not think would work
  13. o Forge Freak o

    o Forge Freak o New Member

    Oh wait... they're immmovable. So that WOULD work... interesting. So you could do this with fenceboxes... Hm...
  14. xXmooregamesXx

    xXmooregamesXx New Member

    This is the most helpful F101 in my opinion. Now all of my maps will be perfectly spaced and look really good. THANK YOU! :D  I had no clue this would work. Also, the LR containers are like the most glitchy forge objects ever and they annoy me alot... so this should help.
  15. Rejecting You

    Rejecting You New Member

    LR container? What is a LR container?
  16. Furious D 18

    Furious D 18 New Member

    I could have used this technique last week, before I built a "floor" out of double boxes. Ugh, I may have to redo that whole map now. Anyway, nice technique.
  17. Coolant

    Coolant New Member

    Last Resort containers. The big twitching boxes from a time before Foundry.
  18. AZN FTW

    AZN FTW New Member

    Or you could just make things look pretty by pre-planning... that's what we did on the estate... lolz... j/k. This is a very good forge technique and hope to see it used more often for perfect maps in the future.
  19. Gravedigger5454

    Gravedigger5454 New Member

    Happened to me to, but it wasn't cool, it completely ruined a map I was going to make when the whole thing started to explode.

    And this is a good forging 101, I hadn't thought about it since it didn't work well with the old maps, based on the pic, it looks like it works pretty well now though.
  20. Rejecting You

    Rejecting You New Member

    Ohhh yeah, I know what your talking about.

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