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Discussion in 'Reach Competitive Maps' started by II CASHnDASH II, Sep 22, 2010.

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    II CASHnDASH II New Member

    Impact v3

    Impact was inspired by Beaver Creek but turned out nothing like it lol. I guess the only similar thing is the creek. This overview shot below shows red base(Left), the center bridge, and the rocket hall/tower at the top of the pic. Blue base is to the right of the pic, and overshield tower is barely in the pic at the bottom right.

    Map Overview

    Outside look at Blue base/ Red Base is the same. This is a shot of me looking at Blue base from the overshield tower.

    This is a shot of me looking at Overshield tower from read base.

    Basement Blue base/ Red base is the same. This pic shows 3 entry ways down into the basement. The forth is located behind me, and is a drop down point from up above.

    This is a shot of the creek entrance for read base. Blue base has an identical entrance, but is located on the other end of the creek.
    I didn't want to flood the thread with unnecessary pictures. The below video will give you a better idea of what the map looks like.

    Quick video here >> YouTube - Impact

    The idea for Impact started from a Beaver Creek remake. after i started making the map... I soon realized that a "True" Beaver remake wasn't gonna happen, so i guess this is the result. It's really nothing like it aside from the creek in the middle.

    The map features 2 bases with a center bridge(upper/lower)to cross the water, without going down into the creek. Each side also has a way to cross the water, rocket hall and overshield tower. Once your down into the water you can sneak into each bases basement through the creek entrances.

    Each bases basement (Read/Blue), has 4 entry points. 3 from the sides, and one from up above. Each base also has an air lift for quick upper level access.

    The flag for each team is located right next to the air lifts in the basement. The idea behind this was to sneak in and quickly take the flag up the air shoot, to an almost certain death. This is where team work comes into play. Once the flag is on the upper level, it's a whole new ball game. If your team can wipe out the other baddies before the flag gets returned, a score will most likely be your reward. Of course the air lift isn't your only option. There are 3 additional basement routs to choose from.

    The Bomb spawns in the exact same position as the flag, and provides a real challenge if each team is on the same page. Oddball respawn is located in the center of the map under the bridge. Stockpile has 8 flags with 4 of them spread across the center of the map. Crazy King has 5 different spawn locations with 3 of them spread across the center of the map.

    I've only been able to play a few games on this map since most of my friends are MM all of the time, so the spawns might still need tweaked a little. If you do get a chance to test it out and feel changes are in need, please let me know.

    Thanks !!!
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  2. monkeyrantz

    monkeyrantz Member

    Wow. Just wow. This is by far one of the best maps I have seen so far for Halo Reach. From the first picture I was impressed. It was so impressive, I decided to use proper grammar for my first paragraph. Already queued.

    anyways, you used a lot of creativity when you made this. who would have thought to make a map using both the water from the ocean and upside down rocks to simulate grass, or whatever it is that you were going for. it seriously looks great. i cannot wait to try it. and good job making multiple access points to the bases, kudos to you. i love what im seeing as far as the geometry of the map goes; but yeah.
    i also noticed you have a total of $0 left in your budget. was that all on the map? if it was, that's amazing. i cant wait to check this out. great work, really.
  3. II6clique jxIxj

    II6clique jxIxj New Member

    Very nice, I like how you used the grass to make it look more natural. This is one of the best maps on forgehub atm. One question though, how do you prevent people from leaving your map? Is it a soft kill zone, instant kill zone? Is there a limit to how high you can fly before you hit that barrier? Also could you add a weapons list to your map? Any ways, great job! I will download this, test it, then let you know how well the spawns work
  4. FredMiester44

    FredMiester44 New Member

    I love it, the water in the lower parts has a great effect as well as the "grassy terraces". Great job you've got my DL
  5. TitanC005

    TitanC005 New Member

    I did a quick run-through of the map and will certainly do plenty of playtesting later. First off, this is definitely one of the best Reach maps I've seen. Lots of people have been unimaginative, and this map raises the bar for everything. The water running through the middle is great, and the layout feels like it came straight from Bungie themselves. Creative use of the tin cups and the circle ramps. The weapon layouts feel just right, although I'm a little concerned with a DMR placed right next to the Sniper. It shouldn't be too big of an issue, but maybe space it out a bit more. Also, the first time I spawned I was directly facing a rock. Other than that, great map! 4.9/5

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    did you remove this from your fileshare? I really wanted to DL this? Anyone else have it on their HD and can upload it so I can check it out, by chance?
  7. trunksbomb

    trunksbomb New Member

    I truly applaud this one. Great work on the aesthetics, it really brings the whole map together and gives it that professional feeling that I feel a lot of (my) maps are missing.. Guess that's something I should work on! But really, this is a very well put-together map, I must say. It's a sure download for me, and I'll get some playtesting done (eventually) and get back to you.
  8. sleekzero

    sleekzero New Member

    yeah, i didn't see it there, either...
  9. Aramis

    Aramis New Member

    Indeed this seems like a very good map and will definately download this one..
    If anyone would like to play this with group count me and post pm to me in Live.

    EDIT: Yeah I didn't see it too.. would have definately wanted to DL this one. Could you post it back to FS maybe?
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  10. Vicious3745

    Vicious3745 New Member

    Ah! Your download doesn't work! I need to play this maaaap D=
  11. Lyles

    Lyles New Member

    This is by far the best map ive seen! I WANT TO DL! but your link is broken D:
  12. LIGHTSOUT225

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    You can find the map by going to the file browser in-game and doing a custom search for the author II CASHnDASH II
  13. Aschur

    Aschur Active Member

    Im really liking how the little grass spots are set up, very nice job.
  14. JIMtheBUM

    JIMtheBUM New Member

    Why no DL Link? I searched Bnet couldnt find it?
  15. El Loco Cubano

    El Loco Cubano New Member

    download link is a video? <_<

    II CASHnDASH II New Member

    I'm REALLY sorry for the non-response on this map people. I did some testing last week and made a new version. I simply forgot to upload it to my fileshare because i've been working so much. When ever i get time to play, i've been in MM, so i just kinda forgot about it uploading it until i got a message on XBL. Thanks to everyone for all of the positive responses.

    I added some more to each "Upper" base, and added some spots for people who like to use Jetpacks. I also made tweaks to spawns, weapons, gametypes.

    The link in my original post has been updated with the latest version of this map. Again, i'm sorry for taking so long to respond. PLEASE, if anyone gets a chance to playtest Impact, let me know of any issues that need to be fixed. Thanks!!!

    Download link to newest version>> http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=4168285&player=II CASHnDASH II
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  17. LIGHTSOUT225

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    awesome. looking forward to getting some games on the new version pretty soon. I got a good group that does customs on Friday nights and Im definitely gonna bust this one out. What gametype do you think plays the best?

    The one and only thing I could suggest at this point (having only been through the original in forge), would be that some of the ramps are at borderline extreme angles, like along the middle of the map surrounding the water, and the ramps to downstairs from each base. Its not a dealbreaker, but slightly longer, less angled ramps could improve the overall experience.

    II CASHnDASH II New Member

    As boring as it sounds, i would have to say Team Slayer has been my favorite mode so far. My second gametype would probably have to be CTF. When the teams are balanced, and everyone knows the map, CTF is a battle from what i've seen so far.

    Also, while in Forge you will notice slowdown, but don't worry, when you actually play it in a custom game it's smooth. I've only tested 4v4 on this map, so slowdown with a full room(8v8)could still be possible. It was made with 4v4 in mind, so a full room might not work very well anyway. If you or anyone else gets a chance to test Impact out and notices any areas that have notable slowdown, please let me know and i'll find a way to rebuild the map to fix it.

    Note taken on the angles. I never liked the steep angles in the center area. I kinda shot myself in the foot when i built this map because those angled pieces were the first pieces i put down, and after the map was about 90% done i realized they were too steep. If i lessen the angles in the center area, it makes the creek smaller, so it feels kinda weird. I'm gonna try to figure something out though.

    I'll start trying to figure something out with the angles tomorrow. Hopefully some people get a chance to play this map and come back with ways to improve it. I'm ready and willing to make ANY changes necessary, so please let me know of any problems. Thanks !!
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  19. Vicious3745

    Vicious3745 New Member

    The more i play on forgeworld the more i'm certain that slowdown is less related to prop count and more related to setting all those props out in the middle of the ocean. I used up the entire budget on Collapse building over land, and expierience no drop in frames. I'm certain it has something to do with having to render the whole map in the distance when your in the ocean.

    Nonetheless, i can't wait to try this map out, i think it fills a nice hole that reach is missing.. Theres not a whole lot of maps that just feel like Halo anymore. Aside from the map, though, you know you can press Y in theater mode to break the camera away from the player, and use B to get rid of the hud, right? o_O 

    BLACK SABBATH New Member

    Nice map. And the angles of the ramps leading out of the creek didn't bother me at all.

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