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How to swap empty weapon with ally

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Reklats, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Reklats

    Reklats New Member

    The day I got the game I was playing and saw that you couldn't swap your weapon with a marine or another odst if it was empty. A few seconds later I figured out how to do it. [Pretty sure this is the first post about this]

    Have a weapon with ammo in it and stand by an ally until you see the press button to swap weapon.
    Switch your weapon to your empty one and immediately swap with ally if you did it fast enough you will have swapped your empty weapon for your allys.

    After that the AI drops the empty weapon and then walks around with no weapon, they still rush into combat but they can't do anything.
  2. Willmatic

    Willmatic New Member

    That might be good for character allies like Buck or Dare so that they could run in and tank.
  3. Gremlins

    Gremlins New Member

    That's pretty cool. :) 
  4. Vincent Torre

    Vincent Torre New Member

    You can't swap weapons with those characters.
  5. Pel

    Pel New Member

    Actually, I think you can.
  6. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich


    On Coastal Highway, I immediately give Buck the Rocket Launcher.
  7. Pel

    Pel New Member

    You men the one with 1,000 rockets?!?!

    Also, I remember trading weapons with Dare on the "Data Hive" mission.
  8. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Member

    I did that once too, the last time I played that mission, my friend and I grabbed fuel rods. Dare and Buck are extremely dangerous with Fuel Rods... They team killed us a bunch of times. XD

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