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High Score of 10 Million

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by iRaynne, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. iRaynne

    iRaynne New Member

  2. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    Because of the chopper......
  3. Matty

    Matty Active Member

    Bungie owned that guy.

    It probably doesnt sound as bad as you think, atleast solo you can pause, this could be over days, maybe even a week (i hope).

    But yea, Lost Platoon is fun, but it's not Firefight in the way i see maps like Last Stand, Alpha Site and Windward. Those are maps where highscores count.
  4. DimmestBread

    DimmestBread New Member

    but read more into the update. THey said he didn't use it the whole time.
  5. Adelyss

    Adelyss Hotdishhh

    And your point? Its a strategy and all firefight maps have one. And let me tell you something the chopper is actually hard, You get a wave of bugs rolling in and black eye is on especially on 1 person your screwed. Even though the chopper has a long rifle perfect aim shooting to kill them its still hard because they overwhelm you.

    BTW this wasn't meant to sound mean xD. Just kind of turned out that way; I was defending the way of the chopper on Lost Platoon lol.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2009
  6. Rogue Shadow IV

    Rogue Shadow IV New Member

    On lost platoon I don't drive the chopper around I just get a ton of them and block the stairs with them. Anyway I still think that its not very impressive if he use the chopper for most of the time. Even if he didn't use it the entire time, he still used it a lot.
  7. Something.

    Something. New Member


    Every single highscore is going to be taken over by Lost Platoon simply because it gives you tons of points for vehicles kills, as well as the easy chopper whoring.

    With maps like Alpha Site and Chasm Ten, teamwork and strategy matters. Not how long you can exploit a game mechanic.
  8. cluckinho10

    cluckinho10 Active Member

    What map is Last Stand?
  9. thesilencebroken

    thesilencebroken Jill Sandwich

    He meant Last Exit.
  10. Meltyourtv

    Meltyourtv Active Member

  11. iRaynne

    iRaynne New Member

    Here's an extensive list of the high scores.
    Our very own Vorpal Saint comes in at #159.

    I feel personally inclined to give a high score a go now :p 
  12. Black Theorem

    Black Theorem Active Member


    I beat him to get my Recon!! (along with others)
  13. LIGHTSOUT225

    LIGHTSOUT225 Mongoose Master

    Here's the game. As always with Lost Platoon runs like this, you get more kills in the chopper, and spend most of your time in the Chopper, but you get more points from the Laser, due to the Wraiths.

    OWA practically broke the stat-tracker with this game though, its pretty humorous. Different match times listed in different locations, and different scores in different spots.. kill stopping at 4,000 on the dot, etc.

    That skull/trophy is pretty badass though.

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