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High Rollin'

Discussion in 'Reach Mini Game Maps' started by Voltage, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Voltage

    Voltage New Member

    High Rollin'



    This is a very simple, yet fun and addicting mini-game to play with your friend when you're bored of regular games. The game supports 2-4 players: Red, Blue, Green, and Orange.

    There are 11 places for each player. On blocks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 there are Speedpile flags worth 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 points, respectively. Your score zone is on your starting space. Block 11 is not your friend.


    Before starting, each player "rolls" the die to determine who will go first. Highest roll goes first, then it goes in circular order.

    Players will take turns "rolling" the die to determine how many moves they can make. Players can roll as many times as they want in a single turn. If they get as far as they like in one or two rolls, they can return back to "Start," score their points, and end their turn. However, players MUST move the number rolled, so if a player ends up rolling a total of 11 or more, they must move to the 11th block, where they will be sent to the Bust Box and lose all their flags, ending their turn.

    Thus, it is a game of risk and reward. If you only move 5 spaces, you will only get 4 points in your turn. If you can get an even 10 spaces, you will earn a whopping 25 points in one turn. But if you bust, you earn no points that turn.

    The goal is to be the first to score 100 points. Theortically, this can be done in only 4 moves, if you can get to 10 every time. But that is, of course, much easier said than done.

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback guys. Let me know what you think of the changes! Enjoy!


    New 4-way staircase with central die

    Die rolling mechanism

    Grabbin flags

    New! The "Bust Box." Hit 11 or more and you'll end up here. :( 


    **must have both for game to work properly**
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  2. G0DLYP4ND4

    G0DLYP4ND4 New Member

    Nice map! The idea is simple yet very fun. Thats how mini games are meant to be. One suggestion would be to make the players death more fun. Instead of just launching them to there doom, you could make a trap with a falling crate or make a switch that launches a kill ball.
  3. the persister2

    the persister2 New Member


    This looks really awesome man, very creative!!
    It somewhat reminds me of Blackjack. I do believe that this game will be a nice hang-out game for people who just wanna chat, or as an occupation for a while, or even when figuring out what to play next.

    I really like the concept, and I'll definitely give it a download. If I find any flaws, I'll let you know, but I doubt that ;) 
  4. Voltage

    Voltage New Member

    @ G0DLYP4ND4
    Thanks for your feedback. Great suggestion. Next time I'm bored, I'll tinker with some creative ways to kill them off. lol.

    @ the persister2
    That is pretty much why I built it. My friends and I always mess around in Forge Mode (usually killing each other with falling tanks, etc.) while waiting for others to get online and whatnot. Please let me know how your experience goes. I'm welcome to all feedback. Thanks for posting.
  5. bravo maps

    bravo maps New Member

    could you make more teams? like 4 or even 6 teams? that would be fun :) 
    or doesn't stockpile support that?

    i played it with a friend and it was fun! but indeed , make the deads more spectaculair :) 
  6. Voltage

    Voltage New Member

    Hey guys! I took all your feedback and rebuilt the map from scratch! Hope you enjoy v2!

    - Now supports up to 4 players!
    - New "Bust Box" for bust penalty
    - No time limit

    Let me know what you think!
  7. the persister2

    the persister2 New Member

    Super Awesome mate, I already played the two-player one, it was great fun to play it with my friend, sadly enough he's a bastard. So whenever I got 25 points in one turn he'd go and simply take all the flags and score them as quick as he could up to 100 points XD

    But I'm sure that playing this with mature people, or otherwise said, people who don't cheat the game, but still can have fun, will be great fun!!

    And I love the idea for having 4 paths, for up to 4 players, that's a great help, because I'm mostly waiting for a 4th player in Team Slayer when we've already got 3, so that'll help out alot!!

    And I can't wait to see how the doom box works :p , nice job man, I'll add you online, I wanna help out on any other idea's you come up with, or see how we get along, and you might be able to help out with my idea's as well :p 
  8. bravo maps

    bravo maps New Member

    This map is fun with two people and even more with four! Good job.
    Also the doom box is hilarious, nothing more fun to see your friends die while they shame themself to dead (lol) because they were to greedy. Good job

    Maybe you want to add more astatics...
    Sorry for my vocabulair im not from england/ usa
  9. a7x

    a7x New Member

    I'm sure there is enough money for asthetics to put into this map. For example long pillars to show the blocks are standing. But I love this mini game, its simple and fun.

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