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High Lights

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Race Maps' started by Dirt Jockey, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Dirt Jockey

    Dirt Jockey New Member

  2. Dulden

    Dulden New Member

    WOW! The way the towers like shine where to go, that's SOOOO cool! The forging looks really good too. Maybe more merging on the towers? Anyways, this should be playable in matchmaking. I love it 10/10.
  3. Mocha

    Mocha Member

    Woah, this is awesome. The light towers idea is very cool and orignal. Everything looks really smooth. My only dislike is the map has (dare I say) no room for rockets. I mean when shooting your rockets, it looks like it will most likely hit a road or a light tower. Other than that, it looks like it can give you come decent gameplay. Good job!
  4. iTz Kneecap eH

    iTz Kneecap eH New Member

    This is incredible and original. I love the tower idea and how you use it to make the map unique and exiting. My main complaint (dare I also say) is what Mochasun said about it not having enough space for rockets, but the forging is amazing and I'm Dl'ing NOA.
  5. E inglourious 3

    E inglourious 3 New Member

    Dirt Jockey, spotlights was another great idea you tend to come up with often. Great forging, loads of fun. I really enjoyed the version you showed me, and I hope everyone gives this a shot.

    I really enjoy looking, trying, and playing all of your maps because each one is unique and clever. Take High Lights for example- you could have just built a rocket race like everyone else, with ramps, jumps, etc. but that would not be new. I for one appreciate how you take every idea to the next level!
  6. Elliot

    Elliot Staff

    that is the most interesting use of destinations that i have ever seen! so, is it just rocket race?
  7. kwheelscc

    kwheelscc New Member

    Sweet forge

    Ya this is awesome, I have looked at a lot of maps but nothing this far out of the box.(hypithetical) Very creative and if you don't re-create this in Reach I might have too...jk
  8. BurnNSky

    BurnNSky Member

    Wow...+100 for creativity. I mean, this map would've been great for rocket race already, but the way that hills look like searchlights is awesome :D  It seems like you might be able to launch yourself into the light with the rockets though, but I doubt that'll be much of a problem.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2010
  9. Arctic Hunter

    Arctic Hunter New Member

    This map is awesome. Wasnt even sure if this was possible, but you did it:) . The map is excilent and gameplay I'm speechless. Me and all of my friends love it.

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